YouTube video promotion services

It takes a lot for a video to be successful on YouTube and get all the views and help your channel be discovered and subscribed to. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute so your video should has to have both good content and good marketing.

On YouTube there are two ways to start your marketing campaign. The first one is the usual post-your-video-everywhere style, when you share it on your every social media platform, a blog, send it to everyone on your mailing list and so on.

Or you can make it all much easier but with a little investment by using a promotion service for YouTube videos. You will not be getting immediate return of investments but you will certainly be raising the number of subscribers, viewers, and engagement you need to get the ball rolling. So here is the list of services you can use.

The first group of paid promotion services are social media advertising:

LinkedIn Ads

This is a great option if your channel is focused on work and business.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads are both operated by Facebook and work pretty much in the same way. Facebook is definitely the largest and most targeted ad platform that exists, making it the best option for finding the right audience. On Instagram all your ads should be visible to be successful.

Twitter Ads work the best if you use small funny videos or gifs, maybe make some jokes. Also try YouTube Ads because what is the better place to promote a YouTube video than YouTube itself? Google AdWords can be a great service if you are building a heavy marketing campaign, with all the analytics tools it has.

Other ways to promote your YouTube channel

You also can use other social media paid promotion service such as StumbleUpon Ads or Reddit Ads, but if would be better to post your content organically here. Also Pinterest works similar to Instagram so make your content visual to attract customers.

Traditional YouTube promotion services

There also are Traditional Ad Networks, where you most likely will have to create a little trailer for your video so it can go a long way where a text ad can’t.

Outbrain Homepage works as high end native advertising, meaning your post will show up as “related content” but also works well with clickbait-style content so just decide which one works better for you.

Taboola is the biggest competitor for Outbrain, it has different display networks and works like any other ads sites.

Other great options will include BrightRoll, AdapTv by AOL, SpotXchange, Adobe Primetime (Formerly Auditude), Exponential Interactive, Undertone, YuMe Videology, and many others.

YouTube Promotion Networks were specifically created to promote YouTube content, in terms of views and engagement, not conversions or revenue. Those are the services like Virool Homepage, Promolta, Virool, Emerse, Viboom, Sprizzy, FameBit and many others.

You also can hire a freelance promoter to boost your statistics. Find one on Freelancer Homepage, Upwork, SEOClerk, Freelancer, Fiverr and many other platforms.

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