What is mobile app ad network

What is mobile app ad network

When computers just stated entering our life, a lot of us thought that making programms is really difficult and requires specific mind and extra skills. Something similar might have been felt when mobile phones were developed. But gadgets become smarter as well as people who can create an app for mobile.

Creation of a product is difficult by itself, but if you make something unique may become a challenge. Those who have taken it up may enjoy a number of downloads, but there is something more – you can make monetize your app with posting some ads inside of it.

What is mobile app ad network?

General idea of such networks is the same as for traditional ones – Publishers sell their inventory and Advertisers buy them. All the deal is organized at a specially designed place. Network takes some commision for the services, but in this case the former ones can be sure there will be no empty place and the latter ones will buy even more opportunities for advertising.

What ads can be posted by app advertising networks?

There are interstitials, native, banner and video ads. To tell a secret, last ones are very popular for mobile devices, so posting them may give you a bit more money. It is not necessary to use only one format – you can sell inventory for banners and interstitials, if your app is a game and there is some pause between the levels.

What network to choose?

Some networks work only with mobile ads, some are multifunctional and can digest and desktop ones as well. Simple googling offers popular variants like Facebook, Vungle, Twitter or Snapchat. It would be wise not to chase after familiar name, but to study how your competitors do. If one network is ok for them, may be it will become a good start for you. All in all, what doesn’t let you to use several networks at once?

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