What is display advertising

What is display advertising

There are as many definitions of display advertising as the number of websites would like to write about it. What one should understand about this is that display advertising is almost any ads based on any content that may attract users, it can be banner ad, rich media or video – whatever to make a person behave in a necessary way.

Top secrets for display ads

In the variety of formats there are, however, some crucial moments each advertiser should keep in mind.

• Mind your language
It means that you should understand for which group your message is. Be as maximum clear and short.
Trendy words may suit if you open a barbershop, but a weekend offer in Hilton would require more formal and polite language.

• Be vivid, be unique and urgent
Make people get interested why they should react right now. Some slight of secrecy like “until it’s too late” is a weapon to awake curiosity.

• Use data
Clients like digits as they are the easiest and simplest to remember. Include some statistics to look more confident and, thus, earn one more point for your product.

• Put your logo on the ads
Otherwise, how people should know they are to react on your products?

• Add words
If you have a good slogan – write it in CAPITAL and understandable letters. You will win twice when play on elegant combined with a nice image.

• Don’t forget about call to action
The smartest variants are like buttons with text “Buy now with a discount” for people not to lose their time and do what you want them to do.

Online display media means not so much when it is used alone, but it is what may help you as a supplement for your big plans. Anyway, good targeting is a main player, otherwise any perfect ad will strike without it.

How often do you implement display advertisements in your campaigns?

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