How to use digital signage marketing

How to use digital signage marketing

What is digital signage?

You may not believe it, but you are surrounded by them for several years already. These screens that are used to tell the information useful for a particular amount of audience. One of the best example are a screen with arrivals and departures in the airports and a screen on a bus-stop that tells how soon next bus or tramp is expected to be.

This source of informing and interacting with people is in front of our eyes, and we sometimes may not even notice that digital advertising signage is in active use already for a long time. It is more attractive than common static ads and thus it has higher value. Always fresh and relevant content with animated images and graphic makes the messages always actual.

An example how to use digital information signage

Just think, when you visit malls, and there is a display board with a map and probably with some relevant information. The same as computer several years ago, when they were not used some picture or animation used to appear on the screen – information points work in the same way, showing ads from the shops in the mall or, for example, information about the biggest annual sale. The information will be different when the situation changes.

Benefits from digital signage marketing

  • it is interactive – users may touch screen, go to menu items and get more engaged;
  • quickly replaceable – you will need time only for a new animation creation, while the process of loading takes only a minute or two;
  • it will not cost you a fortune – digital products will not cost you a fortune;
  • you use only the amount you need – just think if all the ads were paper ones and were published for thousands of copy, but there campaign has finished earlier or you simply didn’t need so many leaflets.

Bottom lines

Screens surround us everywhere and if marketers mainly started with our computers and smartphones, it is high time to adopt something more, that already exists in our material world. The biggest advantage, regardless speed and money saving, is that digital signage is some kind of a means to save our planet from extra-printing, extra paper consumptions. As the bigboards were standing for a long time before and will continue doing it, why not to get maximum of them?

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