How well does Adblade Work?

Adblade is a relatively new but big player in CPC marketing business, it was founded in 2008 but already has an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau.

Its clients include Yahoo and Fox News, as it offers extremely high-quality ad network with only high profile clients. It is very exclusive and very hard to get into.

Publishers on Adblade

Publishers are sites that get paid for displaying ads. To be a publisher for Adblade you need to meet strict requirements, such as a minimum half a million monthly pageviews, which is around 17,000 per day. You only can find out about other requirements if you meet them, as all the restrictions are unknown.

Adblade specializes in native ads, the type of ads that look like a part of website the user is surfing. They also have specific size formats and the publisher can choose between natural 300×600 footer ads or the 120×90 mobile newsbullet ads to fit into their websites.

Advertisers on Adblade

On the other hand, anyone can become an advertiser with this ad network but you will have to meet their content quality restrictions. They restrict long-tail sites as the sign of spam, anything that can seem like low-quality content, scam, affiliate sites or fraud. They only want to work with popular high quality blogs and businesses.

The only thing they don’t control is the nature of the ads promoted so they might look like clickbait-style headlines sometimes. They might look a little bit like spam but actually nobody cares as big sites using Adblade are big enough to shrug off a minor impression of spam.

The best thing about Adblade is that it works with Google AdSense so both publishers and advertisers can keep track of all their traffic and statistics, which is verified by Google.

As long as you find the right niche and figure out where your ad will have the best success, advertising with Adblade can be really beneficial for you. Also the big part of your campaign is how you present it.

Adblade is definitely not for those with a limited budget. As many advertisers pay 1-20 cents per click, Adblade charges 50 cents to a dollar per click for most verticals, some other types might be charged even more.

Also their support team isn’t the nicest. If you made any tiny mistake you might be placed in the bad position and you only could fix it by contacting a support team. They are mostly used to working with big corporations so you probably will not be refunded or treated nicely. They will help you with your problem though.

We also shouldn’t forget about all the bad press associated with it. They were believed to mess with traffic to steal it from other companies.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, Adblade can be the right choice for you and you can actually make money with it. However, you should have a huge traffic to be able to cover all the expenses associated with Adblade ads.

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