Why audience is important for your website?

Websites Audience for Dummies

Have you ever wondered what is the connection between your website and the audience that visits it. The first thing that comes to mind is that they are your reflexion. And if you feel problems with sales or conversions – it means to be your task to change your face, your website, to attract right clients.

We live in the age of generalization and companies have an attempt to try on “something for everyone”. However, the results are poor. Website audience analysis shows that people feel disoriented and various defence activities are launched in our brains to protect us from being cheated.

Rebranding or new website creation require deep thinking about several issues like:

  • what for do you do it?
  • who my website works for?
  • which content can be offered for these people?

How to understand that it is important to identify target audience?

Amount of features

There is a great variety of trends offered for website owners. The desire to implement all the tricks and astonish your visitors. But the point is that you may don’t even need more than a half of all that improvements. If your clients are serious people, they are interested in getting necessary information without extra distractions and straight manner of speaking and placing the information will probably be your best card. While online shops is better to have thousands of options for product examination, calculator, discount for participation in a survey as other options will be more suitable there.

Impact on design

Target websites help clients answer their immediate questions and there are thousands of option you can show that you are the place they were searching for. Web designers ask about the audience to offer better colour set as well as the whole look of website. Forbes magazine and website with funny jokes or cat videos offer different location of items, colours and so on. It is logically, as we can’t treat both audiences in the same manner and our “body language” should be understood from the first sight.

The meaning of content you offer

For example, the audience your company works for are lawyers. They need bare facts, lines from documents and official explanation. Photos from courtroom with famous criminals or judges will suit. Nobody expects here to meet slang, jargonisms and a variety of jokes having even no connection to the area. People may treat you are not suitable for them and will search somebody else.

How to attract intended audience

One may hurry to offer examples of referral traffic or simply advertising. These are quite good variants, but what else can be?

Everything is lying on the surface – keywords. People are always looking for something and they use Bing, Google or other search systems to get the answer.

You should spend some time for analysis what people you work for are interested in, what their common requests to search engines. After it you should track whether your texts include these word combinations in your texts. Of course, you should be careful here as having too much of them will also hardly be to your benefits. Over-spammed content is badly estimated by Google.

Main question is where to take the texts, however it is probably one of the easiest things. You can start with blogging where the most painful problems for your community can be discussed, you can share latest news from the field or, what is even more important, to offer useful material people can apply for their current problems.

One quick lifehack before you go – add a button for reposting in social networks. It will help people to transmit your prompt ideas to colleagues, friends and relatives. Sending the link to a particular person can cause extra activity your reader is not going to perform. While publication in profile welcomes everybody to study the material. Attractive snippet with the right heading will make them click and learn more about you.

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