Main types of marketing platforms

Main types of marketing platforms – display ad platform, mobile platform, social media etc

In rushing world of advertising there are no better way to knock your audience but use marketing platforms. There are 7 main types of them. The article will take not so much time to read, but will be useful to know where to go to get higher results of your campaigns.

Display advertising

Platforms of this kind are still very popular, however some may find them a bit too obsolete. Great variety of display ads gives full scope to imagination – play on the image, not text, make catchy video, intrigue your audience. The only point here – check on which sites your ads will appear, obviously you need ones of similar area to you.

Mobile platform

There are thousands of definitions for this event, but as we may guess from the name it used for mobile ads, we must say that area is extremely in demand. Main advantage here – to catch each person individually, digital advertising has never had such a chance before. Those, who are focused on mobile ads should be aware that their ads are quick, prominent …and suit to the size of the devices they want to target.

Social media

It would be unwise to skip this area. Facebook offers so many options for targeting one may even get lost where to look first. People chat with friends, watch funny videos and read amazing stories – in general they feel more relaxed, thus, an ad in time can even become viral if you touch your audience’s hearts.

Search advertising or paid search results

It is a common case to see some results after googling on top positions with a mark “Ads”. The solution has a row of skeptics, as people may deliberately skip this options. Meanwhile, there is a big audience of those who thinks that if a company has enough money for advertising, its condition in whole is on the rise. In general, people are quite reluctant to scan up to 5th or 7th page with results, they want to achieve their goal as quick as possible – so, think how you catch an eye of a pampered customer.

Video advertising

It is universal means of advertising, suitable both for mobile and desktop audiences. People are more eager to digest information in video format, rather than in text. The tool itself is very effective for helping clients to buy and for you to gain your results and goals.

Cross-channel advertising

It may sound a bit horrifying, but Google really can search your online life through different channel and show the ads according to your Internet behaviour and wishes. You can track which channel is the most effective for you and work with your audience there more closer.

DSP platforms

This new trend is coming to digital advertising world and gets its followers. This marketplace software platform makes possible to have several campaigns in one interface and sell your ads only for the prices you are ready to pay.

What to choose?

If you feel a bit tired and lost, first thing you should realize – that you are not to use them all. It’s ok to implement just one and then shift to another. After some time you may implement up to 3-4 systems to gain better results, but it will take more time to control.

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