Top 12 Photo Sharing Sites

So many people are now sharing their pictures online. Even those who are far from professional photography post their pictures. We want to share our vivid moments with our followers. You can choose any network to do so but choose the one that suits your interests the most. So here is the list of the most popular photo sharing platforms.


With millions of users, many awesome functions and tools, Instagram is a platform used all around the world to share all kinds of pictures. It provides filters so that users can give their pictures a makeover.


Facebook has been a social media platform to post pictures forever. The demand is very stable, while the number of Instagram users fluctuates often. There are more than 5 million subscribers who share pictures with each other, like them and comment on Facebook.

Flickr, probably the oldest sharing domain, is a Yahoo photo sharing platform. Although not as popular as it’s used to be, is still widely used.

Although Imgur is not crowded and in comparison with other networks neat website for photo sharing, it still has lots of subscribers. The pictures there are more thoughtful and high in quality.

PhotoBucket used to be the biggest competition for, now, however, both are not that popular anymore. Back in the day they used to have a commercial where a bucket full of pictures falls on sleeping girl’s head and she wakes up. You might still remember it.


Picasa is a Google photo sharing platform that lets you share collages and your edited pictures with your followers on Google. It is very friendly and easy in use, however, the platform doesn’t have many users.


Twitpic used to be a service for sharing pictures when it was impossible to do so on Twitter. Now it is a separate platform that it’s lots of fun to use. You can post, hear feedback, edit your picture.

On Pinterest you can save, or “pin” anything you like to your dashboards to share with your followers. You can share pictures, articles but it’s mostly used for photos. Many people use Pinterest to share and explore.

Photoshop was created by Photoshop makers. It offers lots of editing features that are not as complicated as their software. Anyone can use them. So if you’ve always wanted to edit your pictures in Photoshop but didn’t know how, is the right place for you.

Imageshack is a place where you store and share pictures with your friends. You can keep uploading everything you like and it has a good storage capacity.


Onedrive is a Microsoft photo and documents sharing platform. The storage is unlimited so you can upload as many files as you want. You can keep a private account or make it public. If you choose to make it private you can send invitations to email address you choose and only they will be able to see your pictures.


Tumblr is in the same group as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook as the most popular photo sharing platform. There are lots of artists, bloggers and just users exploring Tumblr content. You can feature blogs, upload photos, follow other bloggers or artists and create your own content.

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