Best Free Tools to Track Your Website’s SERPs

First of all what is SERP? SERP is a search engine results page. Everything you do with your website you do to boost your ranking and appear on the top of the results page in any search engine. But did you know that you actually can track your website’s ranking or SERPs? It is also very important because you can see the results of your changes to your marketing strategies on your site statistics results. SERPs tracking is determining your position in the Search Engine Results Page. A lot of marketing tools offer this feature but they are not very dedicated and functional. So here is the least of some services that can help you track your SERP rating.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs helps you search ranking for the keywords you choose or suggests related ones on Google, Yahoo and Bing. It gives you reports for specific days and specific time periods to check why when and how your rankings changed. Authority Labs offers a 30 day free trial but then you will have to choose one of their plans to continue using the service. The pricing starts at $24 a month for the basic plan and goes up to $450 for the enterprise plan. They all include different number of keywords and domains as well as other special functions.


MozCast is not applied directly to your website but it draws correlations with your own data for you to see what actions resulted in very high or low rankings. It combines all of the Moz data about ranking changes and all activity on Google search that day to analyze it. Because some days are busier than others and Google might be making a change or testing potential changes. If it sees that Google change has some effect on you you should better do something about it to keep your positions stable.

The SEOBook Rank Checker for Firefox

This is a plugin for Firefox that you can use to see search rankings at any time because it is basically in your toolbox. It opens two fields for domain and for the keywords and lets you see the domain, the keyword, the Google ranking, ranking page and similar data from other search engines. However, it only checks Google Top 200 so if you are not yet there maybe you will not see yourself and only shows personalized results so if you are logged into Google it can mess your results up. And the worst thing is that it only works with Firefox.

SearchMetrics’ Research Tool

If you use a free version of this tool your options are very limited. You can search up to 5 keywords and determine your website ranking for them, see their statistics overtime and their traffic index. You are also able to see the CPC of the related PPC ads. If you want more than you will need to pay for one of their plans starting at $69 a month.

Hope you found one tool for you to use. Other honorable mentions will include SEO Administrator’s Ranking Monitor, CrawlTrack, Traffic Travis, Omiod’s SEO SERP Workbench, Web CEO, Digital Point’s Rank Tracker, Google Webmaster Tools and many others.

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