What is TikTok? And Why Marketers Need to Care

TikTok is a special multi-functional application for the social media world. It works both for Android and IOS to create, promote and share all kinds of videos that might be named as talented ones.

So the secret to success is simple: take three good projects and put them into one. Hardly any other combination could turn out to be as good as TikTok. At the beginning, it has been considered to be a tribute to Vine, but the AppStore statistics and internal functionality revealed the situation that TikTok could be the same close to Snapchat. By the end of 2018, the number of application downloads jumped to the indicators of Instagram.

Before grabbing a simple commercial name, the application spun in an upgrade under the Chinese Douyin.

Crazy reach is another beacon for marketers. As well as the fact that in 2018 the monster of video content swallowed Musical.ly, which had been so popular among teenagers. Bottom line: TikTok is like any other application, but it is the one that has succeeded.

How do users gain thousands of likes?

Surely, applying new music to old popular jokes is a working artists’ technique, so that it makes the advertised product bright and memorable.

Secondly, hashtags and recommendations do work in the application. Returning to the first point, it’s understandable why a mature audience, who had previously left withered social networks, was drawn here, to TikTok.

There are programs which help to gain more likes, views and fans, butt it is mostly about bots.

So the speculative secret of success is understandable – the right messages for those who are bored, an emphasis on emotionality and microtargeting.

What can you do on TikTok?

There is a number of possibilities despite watching and creating videos, as:

  • Editing videos to use them outside the platform;
  • Using the music library;
  • Doing in-app purchases;
  • Making live streams.

How can marketers use the network?

TikTok is a place and it is also a tool. Sell ​​products to the target audience, counting on affordable likes – for a sweet soul. Conveniently, you don’t need to buy copyrights to music, because in the application you can use it legally and for free.

Bloggers came running here too, so the old schemes of cooperating with opinion leaders work with a bang.

You can also:

  • create a branded filter,
  • and then create your own company hashtag (see the experience of Guess),
  • start a company flash mob,
  • release branded stickers.

How to work in the program?

To publish your own creations, you need to register using your mail, phone number or access to one of the social networks.

After registration, you are given the opportunity to look at the leaders of TikTok: recommended videos that have gained a lot of likes. Sending your own QR code will help you quickly add to your friends. Now you can correspond in your personal messenger, in between watching live broadcasts, events and trends. When recharged by other people’s successes, create your own videos using the camera and adding music. If you were the first to learn the application among your friends, try exporting your video to another social network.

TickTock and Shark Business

You will be surprised to see a list of advertisers. It’s just a high society: Disney, Warner Bros, Universal, Nestle, and Coca Cola. Their marketers are not in vain getting money, because they started to conduct companies in musical.ly. before its absorption. So long before its popularity increased so much.

Law and service. What’s up?

First time the service was hit because of the audience, while getting a fine in accordance with legislation on the privacy of children. The fact is that children use all the applications and social networks, but video content is a concrete evidence.

Then – the claim of the Indonesians about the blasphemous content, and later blocking of the service in India. But as TikTok has made about $3.5 million in 2018 only by inside purchases, it became a serious player.

Anyway creators had to agree with a number of demands, before that, having faded for a couple of millions dollars and hundreds of millions of users. Tighter censorship, however, is expected to leave the application at the top of the official Internet. The place where best investors might be found.

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