Terms of Use

Adsmediabrokers.com is an agency that offers a convenient platform for the interaction of webmasters and advertisers on the site Adsmediabrokers.com (website).

The use of the website is a subject to the terms of use (the “Terms”). These conditions apply to any legal proceedings. Using the service, you agree to these standards. If you do not agree with these rules, please do not use this service.

These terms and conditions include the terms of use of the Website by the webmaster or advertiser for the purposes we wrote before.

Adsmediabrokers.com reserves the right to change the terms of use at any time and in a timely manner publishes updated Terms of Use on the website without prior notice to advertisers or webmasters via email or otherwise.

The user should regularly check the Adsmediabrokers.com website for any updates in the usage rules. It is assumed that the user has received such changes while continuing to use the Website after the changes are posted on the Site and are setted as default settings.

Creating and using an account

During registration on the website and creating the accout you should confirmed that you are over 18 years old and you’re a sitizen of your county or your resides. If your age allows, you will use the service and you are agreed with the Terms of Use. If you are a legal entity and represent interests you shpuld should point the purpose why you are creating an account. You should sertify that you are a representative of this legal entity.

The account owner is fully responsible for the account usage and should follow all the rules that are set in these “Terms”.

You need to denote an email address and create your own password to log into the system and point contact details and information for payment. You should know that for registration you use your personal e-mail and nobody could access your account. Adsmediabrokers.com will not allow to use a specific account name during the registration such as strange names or insulting words which are unpermitable. You’re fully responsible for your personal information you denote and keep your account and password in safe. Terms of Adsmediabrokers.com give all the rights for the company to cancel your account. Also, you are ensured and agree that you are responcible for any activity of your account.

Adsmediabrokers.com follows its own policy. It has a right to bring to stop your account usage. The reasons are included, but they are not limired. If you cannot verify any information of your account, the Adsmediabrokers come to understanding that your actions are illegal or may be as the result of breaking-in of your account.


The account owner has the right to view interactive reports which are an integral part of the reporting system of Adsmediabrokers.com. for one month.
In any case we use all the methods to measure the traffic commonly used different methods to guide and measure the traffic.

The Agreement between Adsmediabrokers.com and the Webmaster is signed according to the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The limited license of use:

Adsmediabrokers.com gives you an indescribable license to use the Site for promotional activities, but does not give you any right for other commercial activity or use of any of its website.

Your license will be valid until the use of the Site is terminated. This license is terminated if you do not comply with some terms of use of the Website. In addition, Adsmediabrokers.com should not to provide you with a notice of termination.

Adsmediabrokers.com, as the owner of the Website, also has other rights.

Rules and restrictions:

During your usage of the Website and Account you will agree to:

• submit Adsmediabrokers’ responsibility for errors in reporting (you will get the answer that statistics are as a subject of the revision only for reasons including error handling, fraudulent clicks, etc.). Typically, statistics are updated several times a day. Statistics prepared by Adsmediabrokers.com. and is considered the only true.

• If you decided to close your account you must notify us per email immediately;

• You should denote your payments, etc., through the website or an email.

If you are use account, you confirm, that:

• You are not up to break the rules, including but not limited to, the Privacy Policy, intellectual property rights or any other agreement or regulation which are posted on Adsmediabrokers.com

• You are not breaching any laws or resolutions, the rules applicable to advertising, financial services, consumer protection, unfair competition, discrimination, racism, nationalism are prohibited.

• You are not going to offer or sell counterfeit goods, services, schemes, and actions, chain letters, financial pyramid schemes and you are not engaged in any unfair fraudulent activities.

• You are not going to disclose any obligations that you have with the third parties;

• You are not going to remove any advertisement data if there is such stuff;

• You are not going to publish any forbidden and insulting material as defamatory, pornographic, threatening or inciting for violence stuff;

• You are not up to humiliating or demean a person or a group of people of religion groups, gender preferences, sexual orientation, race preference, age or disability basis.

• Your advertisement will not contain false, inaccurate or misleading information.

The content of the website, its graphics, design and other issues related to the website of Adsmediabrokers.com are protected by law according to the laws of copyright, trademarks etc, including the rights of intellectual property. It is prohibited to copy, publish of any part of the Website and share for the third parties.

Advertisement content

If you are an advertiser, you are fully responsible for contest of the advertisement and for the content of the advertisement you send for display. Adsmediabrokers.com never checks the content and is not responsible for its quality. As an instance it is responsible for any content which include any kind of damage or ommissions. If you agree to use this platform you should understand all the risks which are up to the use of advertisement materials.

Links for Third Parties’ websites

The Website may contain links for the websites of third parties’ websites. The Adsmediabrokers.com doesn’t control and hasn’t any responsibily for the operations of these third parties’ websites and their properties comparing with responsibility for the content of the websites. If you are using third party websites, it is your own risk.


If you agree to compensate Adsmediabrokers.com for all losses in case of any claims, legal fees, costs and expenses which are arising from:
(a) misusage of the website; (B) improper operations of the used program; or (c) breach of this Agreement.

Payments Policy

Users should indicate their real first names and last names during registration properly. This is for such cases as if money withdrawal using credit card or debit one, the name which you indicated in your account should totally match the name on the credit card. If there is any inconsistency occurred between stated names, any transactions will be rejected. Our company does not make any payments to the third faces.

Once a week the payments make to Publishers by Adsmediabrokers by money transfer to the bank account, bank cards. The terms of payments can be changed according to the decision of Adsmediabrokers. Minimal payment amounts is 20 $. If the balance is less than 20 USD, Adsmediabrokers will add the amount to the next weekly payment. Payments are made in currency of USD or EUR. Adsmediabrokers hasn’t any responsibility for the timely and proper functioning of banking payment system. The webmaster is responsible for providing the payment details if the data is incorrect, or if the webmaster changes his payment details, he should notify you by mail in 3 days before the payment date. Webmaster bears payments fees, bank commissions, if it is required. Adsmediabrokers may refuse to process payment or withhold payment in any part of your account for any reason, including if Adsmediabrokers has the reasonable suspicions that you have breached these Terms of Use. Adsmediabrokers also, reserves the right to enroll any amount of money. Adsmediabrokers assumes no responsibility for paying any taxes on payments made by you to Adsmediabrokers.

Advertising Network.

In certain cases, we Adsmediabrokers. Withhold all payments until nowadays as we receive necessary tax documentation from you.

Adsmediabrokers. will be responsible for its own and reasonable discretion for calculating payment statistics, including but not limited to impressions, unique clicks, actions and revenues generated on the Webmaster’s website or through the website, if it is applicable.

Refund policy

Refund could be possible upon written request which contain reasons of your refund and could be sent to the [email protected] adsmediabrokers.com in following cases:

• Advertising campaign cannot be run because of the reasons such as: usage this ad, without limiting, promotional materials, as well as any materials that can be recognized by the Adsmediabrokers’ administration.

• The advertiser may request that the campaign be stopped. In this case, the Advertiser must delete all advertisements that must be blocked first, stop the campaign and send a request to [email protected]

Refund means the amount of the funds which are unused. This amount is calculating by Adsmediabrokers`s reporting system.

A refund request is considered to be legitimate if only it has been sent from the Advertiser’s email which was marked in account during the registration.

Refund considered to be unacceptable if the Advertiser breached the Terms of Use of Provacy policy or other rights which were marked in agreement of the parties.


The team of Adsmediabrokers.com is not responsible for the uninterrupted transactions of the Site under any circumstances. There are some actions which may maintain websites and may occur in any time. The website does not have any responsibility for the Webmaster’s actions. Adsmediabrokers.com is able to block Webmasters at any time without giving any explanations and to hold payments from payments in case of suspicion. Adsmediabrokers.com may block advertisers if the third-parties rights are breached in the content of promotional materials that considered to be known in the Internet on the online platforms.

The only one source of data which is the most trustable is the statistics of the advertisement activities.


Each party should be stanch to each other’s inability to  perform its obligations under this agreement according to the circumstances of force-majeure  such as fires, hurricanes, war, governmental actions, state conflicts, strikes, earthquakes, natural disasters technogenic accidents etc.
Adsmediabrokers.com may modify these Terms of Use in any time. Changes
immediately start having their legal force.

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