Social media advertising trends

Business is always changing just like its every aspect. For example, advertising. It has come a long way from papers to web advertisements. Still, internet is evolving very fast and new trends are creating when some things are being forgotten. Today, one of the most effective and popular ways to promote something is internet advertisement. Still, it has its own trends too. And this list will tell about all recent trends on the field of social media advertising.


Stories is a popular way to advertise your product. It is available on Facebook and Instagram. Stories are simple images or short videos that are available in your feed for a short time and are quite useful as a advertisement because of its length and possibility of making it look creative. Also, it helps you to create a contact with your subscribers.


Instagram is a wonderful platform for advertising not only because of stories, but because of a huge variation of promoting a product. You can create an account and make blog, record videos, write texts, subscribe to similar accounts in  order to gain bigger fan base.


Youtube is another trend of social media advertising. Youtube is the second most popular social network in the world. It is full of different video advertisements. But it is not that simple. They are divided on three types: pre-roll(before the start of the video), mid-roll (middle of the video), and post-roll (end of the video). Because of the colossal audience it is very profitable to create channel and post videos. Just remember – be alive person, and the reason of it is the next trend.

People distrust and don’t like most of the ads

This is a big problem for many businessmen. People are tired of advertisements that are everywhere. Still, with right mind and hands, you will be able to handle this problem. One of the ways is my sentence in the previous trend: be alive person. People have a distrust of soulless corporations. Convince clients that you are one of them and everything will be fine. And advertise everything creatively. There is also other way to deal with this problem, but much more annoying – try to be everywhere, so potential clients could see you anyway. But your reputation outside the client base will be quite bad.

Beginning bloggers will gain popularity

Nowadays, many social networks support the idea that they should help all the “micro bloggers”. They are making stakes on influencers with a small, but friendly and strong fan base. Statistics say that many bloggers with more than a million subscribers are losing their audience.

Mobile apps are becoming popular

To reach all the audience, advertisement nowadays has to be comfortable to see not only for users on PCs or laptops, but for people using their phone too.

Advertising is becoming more expensive

Because of the business, evolving into the internet, different kinds of web advertising started to gain their popularity. And many social networks understand this trend. Of course, they started to increase the price for every type of ad.

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