Social media advertising strategy

Social advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote your product, brand, anything. Social networks is a huge field with a lot of fruits to harvest. Still, it is not a simple job to do. You’ve got to create your own strategy, or follow one of the patterns to success. Here are main aspects of having a successful strategy for social advertising.

How to build your social media marketing strategy

First of all, before even creating a strategy, you have to know all the circumstances you are working within.

  • You should start with looking at the competition in your market area. As one proverb says, “know your enemy in face”.
  • Also, create a portrait of your consumer to understand his demands better. Talking directly to your clients is another great way to figure out the direction of your strategy.
  • If you already created a business and have a reputation – search it in every social media where you want to start promoting. Knowing your strong and weak sides always help to move forward with a better understanding.
  • And, of course, you have to decide, what type of advertising you are going to use in social media.


  • Targeting is the most basic element of strategy. Without knowing a target audience you won’t success as a businessman. Choosing right gender, region, age and interests of consumer is necessary to be effective on market.
  • Content: If you’ve created a group, blog, or channel, you need to deliver regular content to your followers in order to keep the awareness and interest warm. Every day, you need to post at least one publication. If you don’t have a possibility to write something about your product – re-post old publications that could be useful. Also, you have to put your soul in posting, so that you won’t be counted as a bot or machine that spams the account with advertisement. Let people know that you are a real person and make them like you and sympathize you. Be a down-to-earth person and talk with your subscribers.
  • Classic advertisement: Nowadays, every social network has a possibility of publishing ads. Moreover, it is one of the main sources of money. For example, Facebook has all the classic types of internet advertising like photos, videos or slideshow. Or Youtube, that provides you with only video advertisement, but quite effective video advertisement, because it is inside the video and user will anyway see it. These ads are working by CPA, CPC, or CPM scheme.
  • Negotiate with popular users: If you want not only to advertise a product, but advertise it with creating a trust in it, you should buy promotion from popular bloggers that have a stable and loyal fan base. The reputation of blogger will make a bonus point for your product, because it won’t be counted as annoying spamming advertisement, but as something that content-maker decided to tell the world about.
  • Check your stats: Always check your statistics to see the results of your campaign. Maybe, you are doing something wrong and need to change this aspect. Maybe, you are having victory after victory. You never know the exact stats without controlling them.
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