Social media advertising platforms

Advertising has come a really long way in history. Starting from simple pieces of paper and evolving to placing on internet. It is a necessary element of every business and without it you won’t success in you craft. Now, the best way to promote yourself is internet, of course. But internet has also a colossal variants of advertising. One of the best ways to do it is to use social advertising. But before using it you need to know what is social advertising and what are the best platforms for it.

Social advertising is an ad that is placed on different social networks or social platforms. It can be a short post on Facebook or a video on Youtube.

Main advantage of these advertisements is audience. Each social networks is divided within with different communities with their own interests. Basically, it helps you simplify targeting to just searching right group, account or channel where to post an ad.

Which social media platform is best for marketing?


  • Facebook: This is the most popular social network with over than a billion users which gives you a big potential in making your brand recognizable. You can post here traditional ads, or create accounts and have a blog. Having an account or a group is a great way not to be already declined as “another annoying promotion”.  If you want to have a traditional advertisement then Facebook gives you a lot of options. You can pay for a simple photo, video or other similar ads. Also, it gives a really wide area of target settings. You can choose as many different targeting criterias as you want.
  • Instagram is also a very popular SN. You can create an account and promote yourself by leaving comments under the posts or creating a whole blog in your account with all the component that are necessary even to have a web shop. It is also possible to buy promotion from other social networks. As it is known, Facebook owns Instagram and that means Instagram has many similar advertising models like photos, videos or “carousel”. There can also be links to other websites, downloading of mobile apps.
  • Youtube is a great platform to promote your product with videos. It contains of pre-rolls(they appear before the start of the video), mid-rolls(middle of the video), and post-roll(at the end of the video). They can be shown on the videos that have a contract with Youtube and are made to have money from them. You will have to pay for advertisement when it will be fully seen, or if some exact action, like clicking on the link, will be committed. There can be also ads that can’t be skipped and they last maximum 6 seconds. For this type of advertisement you have to pay for views (CPM model). Once again, you can use target settings for effective advertising. And of course, you may create your channel and make vlogs to create awareness about your brand.
  • Twitter is not as flexible in ads like previous social networks, but remains quite effective. It can be only done by creating an account and promoting your product there. Still, with right using of granted options you will gain a lot of followers. You are able to leave posts with pictures, videos or links. Remember, in Twitter you are able to write only 140 symbols, so don’t make your text too long. And, like in other SN, you can follow many other accounts with the similar topic.
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