A simple guide to guest blogging

Blogging nowadays is a very competitive niche and a lot of people have huge and successful blogs, so it is very hard to enter the business. There are numerous marketing strategies for increasing traffic, and consequently your earnings. One of the ways is guest blogging – posting your articles on other people’s blogs or letting others post on your blog. This leads to increased traffic due to referral traffic. But how to get quality backlinks and find the right authors and blogs? You need to constantly modernize and scale your guest blogging strategy.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging means that you as a blogger post on another blog. It can be beneficial for both sides and increase traffic for the author and the blog owner by increasing backlinks and referral traffic. Guest blogging is awesome for building up your blog as you are published on trustworthy pages and gain exposure to a larger audience.

Advantages of guest blogging

  1. It builds up your Domain Authority – the search engine ranking score that predicts how high will you website be on a search page. It increases with the growth of traffic, hence increasing your website ranking.
  2. You can get valuable backlinks (dofollow links or inbound links) from other websites. Google will consider information on your website more credible, useful, and valuable.
  3. You generate a lot of referral traffic from people who follow your backlinks on your guest blogging posts.
  4. Networking. You develop your relationship with other bloggers. Those relationships can really benefit you in many ways.

Guest post placement

  1. Understand your value

Before you can search for the right blog to promote yourself you need to understand what your blog needs and how you will benefit from that cooperation. Understand your audience, your writing style, your blog pros and cons, how can you benefit the blog where you will be posting.

  1. Create a list

After you have determined your value you need to create a list of sites where you want to be posted. Do your homework and perform good research on different websites in your niche and their traffic. Create a list with all the information about a website: Website, Name, Email Address, Traffic, Status. Realize that blogs with huge traffic probably won’t be interested in your offer unless you are one of them.

  1. Find the contact

Write an email to a person who is in charge of the question of your interest. You can use LinkedIn or Facebook to find the right contact.Your email should be professional and clearly state your offer. List all your advantages and how your cooperation can benefit their website. Present yourself properly.

  1. It’s time to start writing

Once you have established a connection and have made all the deals you need to write a post for their blog. You need to remember that the post you write should be original and couldn’t be on your website. It should match the audience of the blog you are writing for but should also be close to your niche. Overall, your post should be high-quality content that will lead traffic to your website.

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