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Digital Advertising Strategy

Digital marketing is a great, one can say, a mysterious process. It is dazzling to see foreigners becoming die-hard fan of your business.
The Template of digital marketing strategy is aimed to turn potential clients into regular loyal customers.

But it would be dishonest to say marketing is a simple process. There are at least eight stages you are to go through on your way of promotion and buying.

But good news is that if you have correct perception and understanding how it works (we mean, how customers perform their Customer Value Journey) you may plan your business the way it will certainly move the people ahead on the template. You will forget that awkward feeling when you had to cross your fingers and rely on appropriate behavior from your clients.

So, what Customer Value Journey actually is and what are the stages?

1 Recognizability
It is not so difficult but really important step.Tell people you exist, so they can buy from you. It is true for all now popular brands.

2 Cooperation
So now people recognize your brand, but they don’t know yet they can trust you. Cooperate with them through the services for information and/or entertainment.
Remember, this process is endless you cannot do it once and forget.

3 Subscribe
It is good people know about you and may be can remember you have communicated some time ago. But nowadays potential customers are so much overloaded with brands and services and if you have no contact information from the buyers you risk never to see them again. If you could get some contact details from your client, it means he doesn’t mind talking you in the future.

4 It is a crucial and the most expensive stage in our Journey, however it is too early to ask for any investments or services. This station aims to gain new customers or to make the obligations you already have stronger. You should save what you earned, profit will come later.

5 Make the Customer excited
Here you should be assured your deal was a good bargain, and the customer’s purchase turns into desire and trust. It is important to keep in mind, because if the customer didn’t have any special feeling after business with you he is unlikely to repeat it later.

6 Go ahead
This stage is time consuming, but you will be sure your clients are happy to have business with you. Here your Customer wants to buy more and more from you. Don’t waste your time – show your Client the key offer. If you have any, of course.

7 Protect and advocate
You already have earned several loyal clients. At this stage it is their time to defend your business and become your passive promoters. It doesn’t mean they will advertise your goods or services, but react positively when asked about your goods or services.

8 Promotion
Customers may promote your business among their friends, colleagues, relatives etc. You are more likely to obtain new clients here as they have received information from the trustworthy source.

Let’s summarize
All the tactics are based on this Template of Digital Marketing Strategy. This concept is very useful especially for those who studies digital advertising and analytics or content marketing.

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