What are SEO and PPC marketing

Having your own business was always a complex thing. Only the most innovative and the most hardworking people can reach the top of business. Nowadays, there are even more ways to be a businessman and places to hold your business. One of the most popular and biggest variants is internet. It makes business simultaneously harder and simpler. One of the problems and pluses of internet is marketing. It gives you a lot of possibilities how to develop your work. But there are so many types of it that you just won’t decide. I took two examples – SEO and PPC to tell about them and to compare. First of all, let’s find out what are SEO and PPC marketing.

What is SEO?

SEO – Search engine optimization. It is a step-by-step upgrade of your website by giving it a better structure and completeness, so that the relevance of the website will start to grow. This option is already time tested and has a great authority between all marketings. The result is usually better than PPC’s, but you’ve got to be patient or have a long term marketing, because the results of SEO marketing usually come minimum in a couple of months after the beginning of using SEO. Still, in the long run it will show you whole potential. SEO is not an advertisement and it just will make your website more relevant, so that internet users will have more trust for you. And such relevance is not for just one search system like Google. Your website will be recognizable on Yahoo, Bing and other similar brands. Of course, with this system, you’ll have to fight with more expensive and popular companies, so brace yourself – it will be a hard work.

What is PPC?

PPC – pay per click. This advertising model allows to put your website right on top of the search page and you’ll have to pay only for real clicks on it. This type of marketing is really flexible because of the targeting system: you can set up approximate age of your client, his interests, region, or sex. Also, you have a full control of the ad’s text and other settings. Moreover, you will have to check your settings on a regular basis, because of the companies’ terms. Of course, this kind of pleasure can also be very expensive, for example, when your business area has a big competition. Anyway, with PPC your website will always be above all of the popular websites, which is definitely a pleasant thing. You also have a possibility to use a premium version that gives you immediate result and high ROI (Return of investment).


So, which marketing system is better to use. On one hand, we have a guaranteed success, but only if you have enough patience and don’t hurry with the results. On the other hand, there is an option for a fast result, but less reliable than SEO’s one. Coming to conclusion, ideal result will be to combine these two systems and use them both. It will enfold all the specters of possible options to attract your website. Anyway, you shouldn’t relax after buying SEO and PPC and work hard on promoting your product.

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