5 Secrets to make Media Plan - best practices from professionals

5 Secrets to make Media Plan – best practices from professionals

Once you summed up the results of the year and came to a sad conclusion that advertising is a sell driver, but it is not probably about your business. However, the truth is that you have to change its treating and spend some time for media planning.

It means that you should create a document that describes in details your ad campaign: places for display, promo activities and so on.

This media plan is to answer the following questions:

  • where to place advertising;
  • when and how often do it;
  • how big the coverage of the audience is;
  • how much money should be spent for the campaign.

It is a common case to apply to a specialized media planning agency. However, it makes sense if you have a billion budget and you want to cover a hundred of advertising medias. Small companies can easily cope with it themselves and our article with several tips is to help you. Prepare a piece of paper and a pen – you are going to get the cherry on the cake.

5 secret tips to create a media plan without an agency

1. Analyze your competitors

Spend some time to see where companies with similar business idea publish their ads and how they attract their clients. The point is not in simple copying, but over-thinking the approach and adopting it for your needs. If you feel you don’t have such budget – think about other places affordable for you, however, people should be targeted by some unusual method, something that your competitors haven’t used yet.

2. Say what you want

Is your business successful or a great disaster? No matter what your answer is, the idea is how you defined it. You should be strong and definite in your goals. The examples of goals can be different, like 10% of subscribed to you after watching your message. These statements will be your lighthouse in a business sea. Of course, one should be realistic when talking about goals, but they give you some understanding how well everything is going on.

3. Use some app to manage your activity

The times of handwriting have passed. It is more convenient to have everything in one place like documents, conversations and calculations. The issue may become even more complicated if you have several people involved into the process – let them all work together and discuss the ideas about media planning strategies when they come. There is a great variety of free tools, some of them may have limited functionality, but it can be enough for small business at least for start.

4. Define your style

All ad messages, promotions and any other marketing activities should correspond to one idea. Here we mean colours, manner of talking, slogans and others. It is not the case for being too different, as people may not recognize you next time and, what is even worse, think about somebody else when revising your billboard or so.

5. Spend some time for numbers

As we have said before, your media planning activity, especially when it comes to advertising, should have exact numbers what you will do and the amount. There are no such notions as “a lot” or “more than enough” – it will help to calculate your budgets and have information for the future: whether it was really enough or corrections are needed.

Finally… Do it!

It is time to start and see the results. Be ready, there will be a lot of things out of plan as it is normal when we deal with people. You should find tie on a regular basis to track your progress. For example, once a week you should compare the results you have to the goals you want and see which methods are effective and which ones should be used later or never at all.

There is no problem if you wish to participate in some new activity and attract even more clients, the only thing is to remember the ideas why you started all the things in general and stand by your line.

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