Popular tweets may influence a lot on your advertising campaign

An interesting information was found by scientists in their Pew research in 2015. The results say that people are more likely to get the news first from social media channels rather than from search platforms.

Let’s discuss the impact of it on the ground of “Serial”. After announcement of releasing a second season thousands of people started surfing Twitter to learn the news about it. During first hours this topic was the most debated, as users were sharing their news about new series and hashtag “serial” has gained maximum level of popularity.

But it is not the end for the Serial and hashtag. Great discussion on Twitter has caused traffic increasing on Google. The statistics indicates that search requests for “serial” on Google at that time were more popular for 2-3 times even after 5 hours since first post in Twitter and remains the most popular request even after several days.

This story is not an extraordinary one, we’d rather say it is a common case. People are inclined to react on sport news, celebrities marriages or divorces or any gossips posted in social media platforms and thus these topics take leading positions soon. Only after some time people will apply to any search engine to learn the details and get more information.

You can see how it all works by observing Twitter trends for a week term. The most popular hashtags can become a search query. Let’s have a look just at the top ten of them. Google states that the interests to such topics have increased for 5-6 times since the first tweet and remained keeping top positions for next several days.

You can actively use this finding in your SEM campaign. Skilled marketers understand it is a good option to track the trends and make them work for the benefit of your business. It can be performed either by payments increasing for necessary keywords to collect more traffic or by adding relevant texts. It is also possible not to spend money for unsuitable traffic for you if you will add so-called “negative” keywords or pause the campaign.

Twitter offers interesting option to advertisers and huge brands. They can pay to promote important hashtags to be displayed on the top of trending topics, thus people who are not very active in tweeting or searching information by hashtags can also see your ads. Thus two birds may be killed with one stone: brand becomes more vivid and recognizable and encourages users to learn more in Google.

Nowadays SEM are smart enough to track information in Twitter and other popular social networks to predict possible enlargements in search requests and how to work with results pages more effectively.

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