7 best name generators for all purposes

Sometimes it’s really hard to come up with a great name for your business or website, one that will associate with your brand. To help you there are some awesome name generating programs that will do all the hard work for you.

Here are some different name types you might want to come up with and some great generators in each category.

Domain name generators

Users need to associate your brand with your website. So the domain name is extremely important.

  1. Lean domain search

Lean Domain Search helps you check domain availability. It’s totally free in use. You enter the keywords that describe your brand and it will then generate thousands of possible domain names for your website. You can also use their filters to get the best option for you. The service also lets you register the domain name you like directly from the tool.

  1. Name mesh

The best thing about Name Mesh is that it lets you include a couple keywords in your domain name. It’s really easy to use. You can create your domain name using their neatly divided categories including new, SEO, short, and more.

  1. Nameboy

Name Boy does not only help you with generating your domain name, but also with building your website and getting web hosting. Type in your primary and secondary keywords to get the best results. You can change the availability of domain names and combine the keywords in the way you want.

Some other great domain name generators include NameStall, Bust a Name, DomainsBot, Domain Puzzler and Shopify Business Name Generator

Business name generators

  1. Cool name ideas

Cool Name Ideas name generator has an advanced generating tool. It asks you different questions about your business to help you find the best name.

  1. Brandings

Brandings Name Generator has the most advanced filtering options so you can include the name of the industry, hobbies, scientific names, hotel/motel names, and more. You can choose to search by style or industry and it will give you different options. It also divides the results into subcategories to help you narrow your choice.

Some other great options include BrandBucket, Brandroot, Names4Brands, FreshBooks, Mithril and Mages, Panabee and others.

Random name generator

There are names for everything: businesses, fictional characters, brands. These services can help you generate a random name for whatever you need.

  1. Random name generator

Random Name Generator gives you options to either generate a common, average or rare name. You can select different categories such as the gender or first/last name. It works very well with over 480 million names in its directory.

  1. Masterpiece generator

With Masterpiece Name Generator you can generate random names or filter your search as you browse. It can help you find the best name in any category you enter. It’s very useful for those who write a lot like lyricists and authors.

Other great options are Behind the Name, Random Lists, Random Word Generator, Fantasy Name Generators and more.

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