Guide to Mobile App Advertising

Guide to Mobile App Advertising

Personal mobile device was long ago found as a unique way to make ads individual for each user. People surf the Internet, read blogs, watch funny videos, chat with friends and ..install apps. It was a great day, when marketers said: Hmm, if we can post ads on the websites, why not to do it in the apps – here we go!

Before getting into mobile app advertising one should solve big and important question – whose app will you use: will it be your own one or you would like to take somebody’s else work. We raise this question as you need to understand whether your app is really actual, we mean – do people really use it? Lucky you are, if it is so. But next point is that are you ready to spend time and money for mobile app promotion, maintenance, upgrading to according new technologies and all other stuff related. If you are not so sure, probably it would be better to start from existing ones and when you will learn the ropes, you can come to your child again.

No matter what you choose, we still have something to offer you.

Best ways for mobile app advertising

If you have your own app

Push notifications

There hardly can anything be sweeter than they. You can send all important notifications you would like and the client will get them as well as notification about sms or from any other messenger. Surprisingly, but people want be notified by their favourite brands in this way.

Advice: add image to improve number of openings. Add tempting call to action to make people do the action you need.

In-App Messaging

They are similar to previous type, but main difference here is that a user can get them only opens the app. Thus, they are less intrusive and were designed to enlarge user’s engagement. Such messaging is less popular, but, surprisingly, has almost nine times higher rates.

Main piece of advice here is to make these push-ups of pleasant look (graphic, colours, text) and be relevant to user’s experience.

Use your app itself

Seriously, except adding various types of ads, you can fulfill the app itself with useful and relevant content as it is. It can be trip lifehacks, articles about local pubs and clubs etc. Good news is that it is only up to you which products or services to promote – everything should be done to make the relations with your customers more reliable and stronger.

Paid advertising

It makes no difference whether you have your own app or not, but it will be a good idea to add to your app marketing promotion plan such type of advertising. Something creative will be always in demand, but we are going to show you 2 simple methods that work and make profit.

Facebook, Twitter and whole megillah

Top loaded applications belong to social network area. Their great advantage is that all of them are easily integrated into the campaigns you have already started, sometimes the content of an ad doesn’t even need to be changed.

Advertising networks

Giants like Google or Bing have extremely huge access to thousands of websites where you can post your ads. All major types for mobile campaigns are available and the handling of all the processes is organized in one account.

Bottom line

Mobile advertising is available for each budget: no matter if you have ten bugs or a thousand. It is especially beneficial if you deal with young generation – they are extremely mobile.

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