Making Brand attractive, not intrusive

Real love lives for three years, but some brands are tied for life. How to stay close to once’ heart without becoming intrusive? How to get close to the consumer, following him tenderly?

In this article we will consider some aspects of co-dependence in that area. In the field of marketer (as brand) relations with a consumer. We’ll talk about how brand centenarians maintain loyalty.

Affectionately watching consumers, without feeding their mania

Marketers know that people know that marketers follow them. May be anyone else follows them? And it’s quite uncomfortable. The invention of contextual advertising costed couples of millions of failed surprises.

A relaxed person is pleased when his wishes are guessed. It is easier for a person in stress to inspire something and it is easier to sell something. Only emotions from a purchase can unexpectedly work in the red, and this is not about love.

On the other hand, the correct and accurate use of information makes it possible to build strong relationships with consumers, regularly raising interest.

Try to minimize obsessive types of advertising

According to surveys, people attribute completely different types of advertising to intrusive advertising. Characteristically, the same type of activity with well-designed targeting can give different indicators of respondent irritability. This applies to adequate timing for a phone call, platforms for audio advertising and the number of broadcasts in the middle of YouTube videos.

Match expectations and reality

Restaurant chains can cater to customers as much as they like by opening new facilities in the most suitable places, creating creative menus based on requests and offering additional services such as home delivery. But the whole system crashes when tables are served by completely untrained staff. Sometimes marketing is one step ahead of the sales team. Marketing of large companies is often in a hurry, and is broken up by the unpreparedness of another sector.

Making the path to the client’s heart long and thorny

It is not necessary to go ahead, throwing the consumer with “useful” offers of 5 pieces per minute. Give him an association, then emotion, then hope. And only then – an offer. Nobody wants to think a lot, but it’s even more annoying when they don’t give thought at all. The line is thin.

But sometimes it’s better to get into the blind spot than to be seriously, radically bored.

Sometimes marketing is hard of hearing

When arranging surveillance for a potential client, it is important to watch and listen to the end. After all, you are not a jealous wife. It is important to go through the whole process correctly – from collecting information to high-quality analytics, and then preparing a creative proposal. This sentence does not have to be flashy, but it can very well be heard, being said in a whisper.

Obsessive marketing is like a bad mother-in-law. The first time she listens, then becomes impatient. Subsequently, it will include value judgments and will constantly remind you of what should be done and give advice for the future.

Marketing based on theories of interaction opens up the consumer. It’s like talking to a smart person, giving an interview that is based on open offers. Beautiful, resourceful, and as if you yourself rethought something and came to something. A brand that gives reason to feel pride cannot but like. It will certainly be close and loved.

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