Top 10 leadership qualities that make you a good leader

Leaders are the ones that keep the world moving. They unite people and encourage us to do things. Behavioral theorists believe that people aren’t born leaders but rather acquire the behavioral pattern. Meaning you can become a leader and develop the following qualities in yourself.

  1. Communication

As a good leader you need to know how to talk to people. You always need to be an active listener, give people empathy, make eye contact and help people feel comfortable talking to you.

  1. Integrity

Nobody can trust you if you lack integrity. As a good leader, you have to stick to your words and live according to your values. Apologize for your mistakes, give people the benefit of the doubt and appreciate their time and effort.

  1. Accountability

You need to know how to take responsibility whether your team has succeeded or failed. You are accountable for all you teammates actions and your team overall.

  1. Empathy

You need to make personal connections with your followers. A great leader is loved, not feared. Empathy means understanding, so listen carefully to people, try to help them whenever possible, make it comfortable for them to speak up.

  1. Humility

Be humble and vulnerable with your teammates. You actually have to be one of them and you have to constantly prove that you are not some kind of bossy robot and but a real person.

  1. Resilience

You are a part of a team and you are constantly there with your teammates every step of working process. You are there to encourage them to accomplish things they didn’t even know they were capable of. You always have to think positively, calmly and focus on solutions rather than problems.

  1. Vision

You need to know what’s coming up, how the project is supposed to look, what everybody is supposed to do and how to get there. You are responsible for setting and following team goals and directions and making all of the executive decisions.

  1. Influence

That takes a lot to be able to influence people. That is a constant process. You need to be able to connect to people and get into their heads. Your commands should be clear, you need to act professional, be close to people, work towards common goals and consistently build up trust towards you.

  1. Positivity

In real world stress is everywhere, so it’s important to keep things calm and think positively. Remember that as a leader, your attitude doesn’t only affect your work ability but also that of your coworkers’. Be a good role model to your teammates and stay positive despite the circumstances.

  1. Delegation

The biggest mistake of all the new leaders is that they do all the work themselves because they might know better or are just too used to being in the workforce. As a leader, you need to learn to delegate responsibilities to members of the team and carefully explain to each of them their tasks. You need to think through all the things that needed to be done to actually goal and wisely distribute them among your teammates, taking into account timing and their best skills and qualities.

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