Everything you wanted to know about running a Facebook like campaign

No matter how many followers you have, your Facebook page needs to have an adequate number of likes to go with them – the more the better. We’ve all seen those pages with tens of thousands of followers and like 20 likes under each post and it’s not a good look, it certainly doesn’t evoke trust. If you want to make your page look more credible but you are having issues with getting your followers to like more posts, a paid ad campaign aimed at getting more likes will certainly be a good choice.

What is a Facebook like campaign?

A real Facebook like campaign (not a fake one involving bots) is a marketing tool used to increase the number of likes on your Facebook page. The goal of this campaign is to design an ad and show it to the people who are likely to enjoy your content and the ad itself. An ad for this campaign should contain a call-to-action button to like your Facebook page, which people will do if they like the ad.

How do I create a Facebook like campaign?

Creating a media campaign aimed at increasing the number of likes on your page is a simple process that can be done using Facebook Ads Manager. Simply open the tool, click Create a new campaign and choose Engagement as your ad objective. Next, select Page Likes from the list below. After that you will need to choose which page you would like to advertise and set up targeting for the campaign.

How to set up Facebook ad targeting for a like campaign?

There are several avenues you can take when setting up campaign audience targeting on Facebook. You can create a custom audience that will fit best for your goals and objectives, or you can go with an interest-based audience. The best choice for a like campaign is to create a custom audience of people who know your company, have visited the website or liked a post of two by the company’s Facebook page. You can create this custom audience using Facebook Pixel. Alternatively, you can set up targeting using location, age, interests and other filters.

How do I design an ad for a Facebook likes campaign?

The content of the ad is what ultimately will make or break the success of your marketing campaign. It’s important to include a photo that attracts attention as well as high quality marketing copy that will entice users to actually like your Facebook page. The ad text should include a brief description of what your page does, how it can help the people who are seeing the ad, and a call-to-action to like your Facebook page. The best ads will use strong action verbs like Do, Get and Like, use a reasonable amount of exclamation marks and ask a question at the beginning of the ad copy to attract more attention.

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