Did Instagram shadowban you?

What is a shadowban on Instagram and how to tell if you’ve been shadowbanned?

Instagram shadowban is a covert ban issued by the app when it suspects that someone is violating its terms and conditions, meaning that users that have been shadowbanned aren’t even notified of the ban, unless you know what a shadowban is and how to tell if you’ve been banned, you may remain unaware of the fact that you’ve been banned. When you are shadowbanned on Instagram your posts will no longer show up in search results for the hashtags you use. That is unless the person searching the hashtag is already one of your followers. This means that getting shadowbanned slashes your ability to attract new followers, leaving your account growth stagnant and you spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertisements or influencer posts.

If you’ve seen a decrease in the number or likes and new followers and you suspect you may have been shadowbanned, use this simple trick to find out for sure. You will need to either make a new account or ask a friend to help you out. Make sure that this other account is not one of your followers, then, search a hashtag you recently used under one of your new posts. If the photo doesn’t show up – you have probably fallen victim to the shadowban.

Why was I shadowbanned on Instagram?

There are three main reason Instagram issues a shadowban on an account. One of the most common reasons is that the account exhibited behavior consistent with use of bots. Unfortunately, sometimes people get overly excited on Instagram and like, comment and follow other accounts too many times in a given period of time, giving the app an impression that it is actually a bot doing those things. In order to prevent appearing as a bot, keep the number or likes you give per hour under two hundred, the number of comments under sixty and the number of people you follow in an hour under fifty.

The second reason is that the account was actually using bots or auto-posting software. Even though many of those websites claim that they are 100% legal and compliant with Instagram policies, it is rarely the case. Stay away from those and you will be far less likely to get banned.

Lastly, using the wrong hashtags can quickly land you in shadowban city. You should never use hashtags that are not relevant to the picture you’ve posted, as Instagram is getting better at detecting those automatically. And you should definitely never just paste the same long list of hashtags under every photo you post. Lastly, using banned hashtags will also get you shadowbanned automatically. The list of banned hashtags includes tags that Instagram categorizes as offensive or those that have been used way too much on the platform.

Do can I get un-banned on Instagram?

Getting rid of the Instagram shadowban can be as easy as not going on the app for a couple of days. This automatically removes the ban but you have to be strict with yourself – don’t open the app no matter how much you want to do it. If you can’t do that, you can simply use the app normally, staying away from prohibited behavior and the shadowban will be removed in a couple of weeks. If you want to go with the second option, you need to determine exactly why you were shadowbanned in the first place and eliminate that behavior – don’t like or comment too much, stop using bots and use hashtags sparingly and only when appropriate and you won’t have to suffer through a shadowban ever again.

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