What are Incentive Traffic & Incentivized Traffic Sources?

Traffic is actually a great way to promote your app. The download number is an important factor for determining your app rankings so you need as many of those as you can get. If your app is then in the top it will help to bring organic traffic later. It is just important to start well. There are actually some sources that will help you bring Incentive traffic to your app.Incentive traffic ia fast way to connect consumers to businesses and make both benefit. Basically, it happens when a site offers visitors incentives for certain actions (clicking on the link). Have you ever seen an ad promising you a reward if you visit a particular website just pop up when you were surfing the net? That it is what Incentive traffic source looks like. Here is the list of best Incentivized Traffic Networks that you can use to start your marketing campaign:


NativeX is making it very easy for you to engage with your users effectively and obtain users that are actually valuable for you. It even offers mobile video for deeper user engagement and lets you easily turn your audiences into customers.


TapJoy Incentivized Ad Network is one of the most popular networks that was created for a maximum mobile impact. It makes monetization easy for advertisers and app developers. Many top developers and brands around the world have used this network for boosting their app ranking and revenues and at the same time improving the user experience. Tapjoy offers amazing data, technology, and expertise, making you reach your goal in a matter of days.

Super Rewards

Super Rewards is one of the best platforms that makes it very easy for users to get or earn your virtual currency. It offers great payment solutions and Offerwalls for apps, games, and websites. Super Rewards has one of the fastest payouts, a lot of new high quality offers everyday, a real-time prevention system, multi-platform functionality to allow users to transact on web and mobile and many other useful features.


Kiip is believed to be liked by people, it makes them want to buy from you. Therefore, with Kiip it is very easy to run effective advertising campaigns. The platform offers many rewards like discounts, tips, and virtual currency, in apps and connected devices.


CPIMobi CPI Ad Network allows you to promote your app on a CPI basis. You will have 50 installs for free and then will be charged at $0.09 per install rate, which is a very good deal. It is very easy to start and run your campaign on CPIMobi and connect your advertising campaign with their publishers. Expect getting high conversion rates when using CPIMobi.

Incentive marketing is great for promoting your mobile app or game, it gives some good boost in the beginning in a matter of days. Hope this article was useful for you and you found a good incentive traffic network for yourself.

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