4 simple ideas for follower appreciation on Facebook

Are you looking for ways to make your followers feel valued, get more likes and find new, fun ways of interacting with your followers? If so, why not hold a follower appreciation day when you can tell everyone who likes your posts and supports your page just how thankful you are for their contribution? Here are our 4 ideas that will help make your follower appreciation day better for everyone.

Change your Facebook cover photo to day “Thank you for the likes!”

On Facebook the cover photo takes up about 30 percent of the entire page and it’s definitely the first thing people see when they open your page. Don’t waste that space – use it to show appreciation. Simply design a photo that will have the words “Thank you for support!” or something similar together with pictures of your best products or your most dedicated followers and use it as a cover photo.

Create a photo or video contest for the fans of your brand

The internet LOVES contests with prizes – this is well known by brands and that’s why you see so many contests on social media – even small pages get hundreds, if not thousands of entries without even trying. A contest that requires the person to repost your photo or post a photo of them with your product on their page does wonders for increasing your reach and getting more people acquainted with your product. The most important part of designing a contest like this is, of course, the prize. You want to make sure that the prize is exciting, unique and has a connection to your brand – avoid giving out expensive generic prizes, such as iPhones. Instead, create a unique selection of your products that the winner will get or think of a brand-related experience that you can gift them. One you know what the gift is make sure that you are super clear about the terms of the contest and announce it on your page at least a few times.

Give everyone a consolation prize

The best part about a contest is, of course, winning, but only a small part of participants win and the rest are left to feel at least a little bit like losers. Why not avoid that in your contest? Come up with a small prize that everyone who entered the contest wins and you will have yourself lots of happy followers. And if the prize is a discount on their next purchase, new orders won’t be far behind.

Post a “Thanks for all the likes!” holiday card

Congratulate all your followers on the coming holidays and show your appreciation for them at the same time by creating a festive picture of your brand’s logo, your products or your employees with a caption thanking your fans and supporters. You can pin it to the top of your page and keep it there until the end of the holiday season to make sure that everyone sees it.

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