How to sell advertising space on your website

How to sell advertising space on your website

The topic of passive income is more than just too popular than ever. Those who have business on the Internet or have their own website as hobby publishing ideas about present-day problems or just home recipes are closer to the point than anyone else. The answer is simple – make money on advertising.

Read our article till the end to know the most profitable ideas about online advertising!

Some preparations

Your website should be active for not less than 6 months already and generate not less than 250 visitors a day. This not very high requirement was established by online advertising company as Google AdSense. If you apply to some other platform the limits can be lower or higher, but, anyway, all fraud and cheating activities are strictly banned and you can get into a black list – good-bye, money…

Review your content. It should be unique, interesting and relevant to the topic you cover.

Appearance counts. Check whether your website is well-designed, convenient and pleasant to look at.

Don’t hide. All contact information should be true, clear and available for the audience.

Where is my money or how to start online advertising?

Affiliate marketing

It is one of the easiest way to make money. You don’t have to have your own products, but get money for promotion goods from other brands or companies.

You can find brands by direct contact or apply to affiliate advertising platforms or networks. They may offer display ads, video and many other types.

Actually, we recommend implementing both approaches. Thus, you will have some more money, and in case of advertising platforms, can have an access to an enormous amount of other products.

Self-serve advertising platforms

There are too many of them of different type. Your task is to join, get approval, if necessary, and make some clicks to have your campaign started. They offer various models of payment: when the ad was displayed, when it was clicked or a necessary action was performed.

There is no good or bad variant of payment, all of them have their own pros and cons – so, it’s better to choose several variants.

Direct advertising

This idea requires deep analysis of your audience, its amount, demography and other things. After having this information you can study the market and write to potential advertisers already prepared, as you will be certainly asked what you can offer.

This method is good, as it excludes all intermediaries, and you have more money. But you spend your time and nerves for negotiations, price discussion. In comparison with self-serve advertising, it may be a bit tiring.


We couldn’t ignore this swanky idea. The main concept is that we have two parties meet: advertisers (who want to sell their ads) and publishers (who want to sell their impressions). There is a kind of auction for each impression. The salt is that advertisers stated beforehand which item and for which prize they are ready to buy. The cost depends on location, age of a visitor, his interests, previously opened pages and some other behavioral factors.

The procedure of buying is so quick – in the twinkling of an eye – the magic happens during the page loading. The deal is finished when a visitor sees the ad. It will be the same for a new user.

Publishers can get some more money than traditional network can offer. While advertisers, especially, if they represent a small firm, can state maximum limit for an advertising campaign.

Well, we suppose that all the stuff doesn’t look so terrifying to you now. Are you ready to start?

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