5 steps how to analyze and come round your competitors

How to Analyze Your Competition?

Have a look at your business – what do you do? If your product is not unique or specific, there is a great chance that there will be other companies producing the same items.

Being over the competitors is only half of the job. Confessing their existence is not enough.

Luckily, we have a big list of different software, so that marketers and business owners can learn about their competitors more than ever before. Only regular researches will help you to stay one step ahead.

Adsmediabrokers may not be sure about the best advertising platform in the world, but we definitely know how to track your competitors and present 5 simple steps to eliminate them and their capabilities. As they say, stay tuned, we have a lot of interesting to share!

By the way, why competitive analysis is important to handle?

First a way, it is absolutely legal. One just collects information that is available on the Internet that covers activity of your competitors and how threatening their activity is for you.

How to do it?

Define top-10 of your competitors

It is a common case for every company to have their worst enemies who always steal best clients and copy your most working tricks. You may have understanding who they are if we talk about local markets, but it becomes more complicated when we talk about international level.

Actually, everything is easy – Google them. Also, you can apply to some software like SemRush to understand keywords you use and how your competitors estimate them.

Analyze and compare the content your competitors issue

Just study the type of the content they focus on and how winning it is. If yes, check whether you have it or how you should change your content to be the same attractive and eye-catching.

Potential clients, when study your blog, they want to understand how your company works and what you can offer. There are a lot of issues can be hidden starting from amount of publications up to what is hidden in them. You may easily reach them by generating more content like researches, interviews and so on. But mind, it is not only important to be often, but to be interesting and relevant.

Nothing goes without SEO

You may feel that you and your competitors are equal at the type of posts and their quantity, but something is still wrong. Keep calm and study the structure of their SEO.

Yes, the point is about keywords. They should be included not only into your texts, but in the headings, titles, descriptions and so on.

By the way, high-frequency words are not the only to use. Have a look at less popular word combinations like keywords with long tail. In general, try to use different frequency phrases in your texts to attract more people.

Check social media integration

Presence on social medias becomes a must-have for companies nowadays. The trick is that each brand has its own style of interacting with clients there.

That’s good when you have found your enemies (and very bad, if you are not registered there). But after it, you should study how they behave there: which content is published, how people react and interact with them and so on.

Whatever information you have digged out, mind that social networks can be used for selling, but their main purpose is about building good relations with your audience, being friends, if one may say so.

Mark down what you would like to have in the same way and what you can do better.

Study which areas can be improved

When you have performed such great work, you can see where your competitors are well and which points should be certainly done better.

Important point is not to make an overall picture, but examine each competitor separately. We are sure, they can’t be absolutely perfect.

Even single little points will help you to make your reputation better step by step and attract more interested in you clients.

May the luck be with you!

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