How to advertise on Instagram

Advertisement is an important part of business. All successful projects on the internet include the advertising. Internet is one of the best and widest places to promote various products. Web advertising is very productive and popular. One of the best examples is Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most promising social platforms for business promotion. Instagram is based on showing content for people.


This social network includes different people with different interests. The core audience of this social network is young people aged 18 to 29 years. This fact creates a large market for advertising. Like any other promoting space, Instagram has its own rules. So, this text will help you to use advertising on Instagram.

Types of advertising on Instagram

If you sell services, such as language lessons or any repair, you should find customers on other simple social networks. Instagram is a visual social platform. According this fact, use Instagram for adverting the physical products. Most advertisers today work with targeting system and bloggers. You can use “Giveaways”, but this type of promotion isn’t effective. Giveaways don’t fall under the definition of advertising, so we won’t talk about it. Let’s find out some information about main types of advertising on Instagram:

  • Targeting. This way is about posting promotions. It can be launched from your Instagram or Facebook account. Price for this advertisement can start from $10 and reach millions.
  • Bloggers. The bloggers market has grown significantly. In addition to accounts with big audience, other small influencers selling ads too. It’s easier to arrange accommodation with them. The cost of a post or story is low enough to buy it. If you are small brand, you can easily get some advertisement.

Main things about Targeting system

Instagram targeting can be used for all types of business accounts. There are two ways to run these ads by using Instagram. First is promotion of posts from your Instagram profile. Second is about full customization in the Facebook advertising account. You can choose a pleasant audience for you by selecting different factors. These are: age, geolocation, interests etc. You need to understand that this ad is suitable only for posts. You won’t be able to advertise the website or other external resource.

Main things about Blogger advertising

Instagram blogger advertising market is very chaotic. You can buy post or Instagram story from any blogger. Instead of targeted advertising, it’s more difficult to predict the results of advertise. Before starting an advertising campaign, you should calculate the price. Instagram blogger ads can bring targeted actions at a price much lower. You should know that blogger doesn’t just inform an audience about a product. Blogger also recommends it, and the audience trusts this recommendation. Get ready to spend time looking for opinion leaders. After that you must chat with them, approve publications, and collect reports.

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