How to advertise on Facebook

Advertisement is an important part of business. Of course, successful business requires successful advertisement. Internet is one of the best places to promote various products. Web advertising is becoming more and more popular. The best example is Facebook – the most popular social network.

No wonder that such a project created another space inside the internet. Facebook gathers different people with different interests. This fact creates a large market for advertising. Like any other promoting space, Facebook has its own rules. So, let’s find out how to advertise your product and brand on Facebook.

Considering the options of advertising

Facebook is positioning itself as a social network. That means, there many ways to promote anything non-traditionally. To begin with, you can do it by creating an account. With them, you can use self-promotion and different PR strategies. Possibility to interact with your clients makes this advertising type very intimate. This allows to understand your audience on higher level.

However, not all of the account formats are good for advertising. So, let’s estimate the potential of account type.

  • Personal profile is the most popular format of account. Still, it doesn’t fit our requirements. The main problem is the original concept of personal page. You can’t have words like “cafe”, “shop” etc. in your page name. This factor will harm your recognition and popularity. People simply won’t know that you are promoting a brand. Also, if you get banned, you won’t be able to regain an account. This means, all your audience and contacts will be lost.
  • Groups are a bit better, but still have a lot of problems. For example, you won’t be able to set up a targeting system. Another problem is the stats and analytics – there’s no such things. Also, posts from groups usually can’t get to users’ feed. However, it can do good for interacting between client and brand.
  • Fan pages is the best option for advertising on your account. You can brand your page, geotag the page for better recognition. The cover of your page serves as a free ad banner. Unlike other types, this one has both analytics and stats. Simply put, this is the best option for advertising.

Still, Facebook allows also to use a traditional web advertising. For that, Facebook created Facebook Ads Manager. This is an instrument to control and manage all the ads on Facebook. To be precise, this instrument gives you control over:

  • Creating advertising campaigns and set up all the stipulations. You can choose your audience, ad format and marketing goal.
  • Manage several ads by editing them and creating exact copies.
  • Estimate ad’s efficiency. This is one of the most important nuances of the campaign. Stats and analytics give you knowledge and understanding of the situation. If something is wrong, you will be able to see it in the information.

Ad formats available on Facebook

These are the formats that are available for you on Facebook:

  • Video
  • Image
  • Slideshow
  • Canvas
  • Carousel

This is a quite basic number of formats. Still, they are the most popular and the most effective.

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