Google vs Bing for PPC advertising

These days when someone thinks about searching for something on the internet the mind usually immediately goes to only one search engine – Google. Google is by far the most popular search engine today and the company has expanded to fulfill many of our digital needs: navigation, data storage, document creating and editing and more. The same goes for PPC advertising – most companies advertise on Google and very few consider other platforms. And this is a great thing for Bing advertisers. While the number of people who use Bing is not as high as that of Google, the competition is significantly less, which leads to lower prices per click.

Where are Google and Bing PPC ads displayed?

While PPC ads shown on Google and Bing are very similar to each other in appearance, they are shown in different places. Text-based PPC ads placed on Google appear on the Google search network, which includes regular ads at the top of the search results, ads in Google Shopping and Google Maps. Visual ads places with Google appear on YouTube, Gmail and various Google Partner Websites.

Single Bing is owned by Microsoft, all text-based ads that you place on Bing will also be visible on Yahoo and AOL in addition to the Bing website. Visual ads will appear on Bing Partner Websites.

Does anyone even use Bing?

While it may seem like everyone is using Google for their search engine needs, this is far from being true. In fact, Bing has a 33% market share in America, worldwide the search engine has almost 150 million users every month. In fact, over 65 million people who use Bing don’t use Google, this gives you an excellent opportunity to get ahead in competitive fields. The average cost of one click on Google is over 20 dollars, while on Bing it’s only 8, so you can get more than twice the number of clicks on Bing for the same amount of money.

Demographics of Bing and Google users

The question of whether you can move your PPC advertising from Google to Bing while maintaining the same results ultimately depends on your target demographics. Almost half of all people who use Bing are married or live together with a partner. Plus, nearly half of all Bing users are between the ages of 35 and 54, so if your target demographic is younger, you should probably choose Google. About 30% of Bing users have a household income of more than 100 000 dollars a year, which gives you quite a wealthy audience. Lastly, most people who use Bing and US-based, so if you’re looking to advertise to international users, opt for Google.

Bing vs Google: the verdict

The decision between Google and Bing is yours in the end, but generally, Google is a better choice if you want to get access to a more diverse or international audience, if you want to get a high volume of clicks and if you want to advertise across a wide array of channels like YouTube, Google Shopping, etc. On the other hand, Bing is perfect for targeting older, US-based users, and it’s also great if you are advertising in a very saturated, competitive market and your marketing budget is not very large.

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