Google Ads complete guide - even a child will cope

Google Ads For Dummies

Our rushing century provides us with thousand of opportunities: try this, this and that. It is really good to be versatile, but it can’t be a good idea for all life spheres.

Many business owners when have their company stable and running start thinking about different activities like angel investment, real estate and a sea of similar ideas.

The point is that they want to double or scale up massively their income. The idea is more than just reasonable, many experts just wonder why well-off people are ready to spend their time studying the areas too far from their initial activities and feel ready to invest in a “second Amazon” that is very unlikely to become successful.

The solution, in fact, is lying on the surface – they should simply learn how to advertise on Google Ads. Our article is exactly about this – we have prepared lots of information that will be useful and understandable even for complete beginners.

Google AdWords step by step

We are going to tell you how to use this global platform and which useful functions it has so that you can optimize your ad campaigns to gain best results from your ads.

Using Google seems to be the most reasonable variant as this platform receives nearly 4 billion of search request on a daily basis. Besides, the platform itself is a peer to millennials, however the former one has gained a huge experience in advertising.

A few words about Google ad business model

The platform shows your offer to potential clients who are very likely to be interested in you or your company. Advertisers make bets depending on search conditions or keywords. The winners’ offers are located at the top of the page of search results of Google, YouTube or others websites participating in the campaign.

How can I settle everything in my Google ads account?

All paid ad campaigns is not really a big deal because advertisers get a lot of useful tips at each stage of the process, starting from signing up to launching your first campaign. However, there is something extra we want to share with you.

10 tips Google Adwords will never tell you to earn more money

  1. Do use keywords planner. It is good that you have your ideas what should be included there, but you can expand the list as well.
  2. Implement retargeting as the simplest way to create ads responding your clients’ needs and encourage them to come back to you.
  3. Create a separate group of ads for each type of the products you offer.
  4. Polish your website. It works like butterfly effect: even small changes can attract a dozen of clients. (or send away as well)
  5. Choose keywords not only because of their popularity. Main trick here is to get how users’ needs correspond to the actions you expect from them on your website. Popularity doesn’t always mean money and desirable results.
  6. Create your ads not only for people’s attraction purpose only. descriptive generalization will attract big audience where you are to pay for each click, but they will leave you if they don’t get what they need – be specific.
  7. Ignore Google AdWords. The system may tell you that your ads are ineffective, but you are free to skip this piece of advice if you see that it goes the way exactly you need it.
  8. Don’t try to overplay your competitors, just do your business. The reason here is simple – there will always be somebody with bigger budgets.
  9. Mind your landing pages. Work with it when you feel that different ad settings give weak results. If you have more than one such page – you can connect them to different ads to find the best combination.
  10. Don’t put all keywords into one group of ads. A mixture of one ad groups and keywords there will lead you to the phrases hardly connected to each other. Division on groups will simplify the process of ad writing and choice of suitable landing page. High CTR will be the best reward here.

We hope these pieces of advice will help you to put your clients’ nose out of joint and spend for campaign analysis not more than 10 minutes a day.

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