3 best free podcast hosting websites

If you’re new to the world of podcasts, at least when it comes to creating them, you might think that you just need to record your podcast and then upload the file to podcast apps. However, this is not the way podcasts work. Most podcast websites and apps require users to use an intermediary service – a podcast hosting site. The most basic podcast hosting platforms simply allow you to record your audio files, save them in MP3 format and create a text RSS feed that describes your content. From there the podcast can be distributed to your audience. More advanced podcast hosting services give you access to a number of features, including stats about your listeners, tech support, marketing tools and more. Some podcast hosting apps even give you an option to start a blog with a free domain.So what are the best podcast hosting services?

Podbean – the top podcast hosting choice

Podbean is the favorite podcast hosting services of many podcast hosts. It offers a free plan as well as several tiers of paid plans, so you don’t have to break the bank on podcast hosting fees. If you host your podcast on Podbean it will be available to listeners on all major podcast apps including Google Play, Amazon Alexa, Spotify, iTunes and others. If you go with the free plan you will be able to upload up to 5 hours of audio every month with 100GB bandwidth per month. You will also have access to some basic analytics, although you will need to upgrade to a paid plan to get more detailed info. If you’re really serious about your podcasting career, check out their Unlimited Plus Plan. For 29 dollars a month you can get unlimited hosting of audio and video files, you will be able to add your own ads to monetize your podcast channel and more.

Buzzsprout – the best podcast hosting service for beginners

If you’re only starting out on your podcasting journey and want to try what it’s like without spending a fortune, Buzzspout is a great choice. This platform’s plans range from free to 24 dollars a month. With the free plan you can upload up to 2 hours of audio every month and it will be hosted on the platform for 90 days. Their free 250GB bandwidth a month allows people to listen to your podcasts about 20k to 40k times a month total.

Transistor – one of the best professional podcast hosting sites

While Transistor does not offer free podcast hosting options, their reasonably priced paid plans have pretty much everything a podcast creator might need to produce and distribute content, grow their audience and monitor their success. The service offers a variety of plans from 19 to 99 dollars a month. The cheapest plan gives you unlimited audio hosting and up to 10k downloads a month, which is great for beginners.

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