Free advertising for small businesses

Everyone knows that “there is always free cheese in a mousetrap”, you can hear a lot of the kind when it comes to small business. But, really, is it possible to tackle advertising for free?

Nowadays we have a well-developed system of social networking, where you can advertise and become vivid to your potential customers. It seems to be possible to advertise and promote your products, services and brand in whole for free… To be honest, the real story is that it is true and at the same time not so much.

Actually, there are websites and platforms where companies can launch advertising campaigns for free, like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Linkedin or YouTube. But there is a set of restrictions one should keep in mind when starting advertising activity.

Common rules of advertising for free:

  • The more popular and attended the platform is the more difficult it will be to rise up and show your uniqueness. Social networks do allow free advertising, but it so crowded there you may simply be not heard. These popular websites are also very tricky, they may decrease your visibility or number of followers if you don’t buy some tools from the website for promotion.
  • You can see the results by investing your time, while the latter one may mean a fortune. Social medias can be a good example of it. You will have to hire a person who will find and post content like images, descriptions, take polls – in short, will do marketing activity. You might not have earned much, but you have already invested a lot. Some companies can afford to buy special tools to cut down a significant part of manual job, but they are also not for free.
  • Free platforms grow up and evaluate to paid ones. You may face the situation when started using a service for free, but you will have to pay for it now to obtain the same set of functions and tools. And, technically you don’t spend money for advertising, but you do it for techniques and tools.
  • Free websites’ performance may be very poor or simply unsuitable exactly for you. Some of them may be ok just for starting the business, for working with recognition and general presence. But it is an often case when a company needs the clients asap and paid ads may save the situation, because for some websites it will be beyond their abilities to give you the amount of audience you need.
  • You will win more when combining free and paid means of advertising. It would be not so wise to consider both variants as “only this or that”, they may mutually intensify each other. See them as a part of your marketing strategy that can bring the best results when combined.
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