Email marketing

Email marketing

We didn’t even notice how online conversations have entered our life. There were a lot of predictions telling email marketing will certainly die out. Is it really so? Well, we cannot agree with it and here we are going to explain why.

Email marketing can be successfully applied for reactivation, direct sales, engagement, traffic generating and some others. It is a great tool in digital marketing for moving your customers next on their Customer Value Journey, it is not used for growth or making profits.

Email marketing is deeper than distributing letters after making a new post or having a promotion.

All emails can be divided into:
1 Promotional – they help to make sales.
2 Relational – their task is to attract subscribers and be in touch with them.
3 Transactional – they aim to serve for customer service.

We offer to automate the majority of your email marketing.

Please, remember, there is no need to send a message just because you can do it. Unfortunately, the more messages you create the slower your Customer goes from previous stage to the next one during his Journey. The recipient is more likely to take a new step when it is felt the message was written specially for him and meets the requirements of his step.

It is great if you can send the very email to the very people at the very moment, but you should know how to estimate the results of your work and run your marketing strategy next.

The amount subscribers and those who cancelled the subscription is important, as well as complaint rate. The data from CTR, Open and Delivery Rates can also hint a lot.

In a perfect world, email marketing is well applicable at a certain stage of Customer’s Journey. And we see our job not only in minimizing the unsubscribe but extending opens and clicks-through.

Email marketing can be the most useful when it is implemented in close coordination with your content and marketing strategy.
This strategy requires some time to benefit from it, but you will see the result immensely.

Learn more in next article about one more about next step in digital marketing – paid search.

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