Email marketing best practices

Email marketing best practices

It is a very sad but well-known situation, when you are doing all your bests to engage audience into interaction with your brand, but there is nothing really working. More and more efforts seem to make the situation even worse. First of all, we recommend to keep calm ..and come back to email marketing.

The solution seems to be a bit strange, but the ideas for simple satisfaction of the audience is not good enough if you intend to build stable and long-term relations.

Where to start?

Obviously, to study and follow email marketing best practices is the best option for initial steps. There is no need to learn from your own mistakes, when you can skip them. After a while, you will be able to analyze what works for your campaign and probably would like to share your ideas with us. That would be marvelous!

What to do to have best email campaigns?

First of all send all newsletters to yourself

Marketers sharks has secretly opened to us this best practice. Sound surprisingly, but you have an opportunity to look at your message from outside and correct all problems with laying out, misprints and other stuff. Letters with such mistakes cause an impression of carelessness and users are not ready to interact with shabby brands.

Be honest with emails you get – implement double opt-in

As you are interested in targeted email marketing, you are probably not going to buy the database with emails. Nowadays we type our emails so often, that some people may not even notice that they have signed up for something. Send them a letter with notification and a button of confirmation they really want it. Also add, why subscription is a good idea and what they can benefit from it.

Send your e-newsletters according on a schedule

Researchers studying best practices of big companies noticed that Tuesdays, 10-111 a.m. is the best time to send information about your company. Of course, it is a generalized time, after some analysis you will work out your best day.

Let people choose how often they want to read about you

Implement mechanism of choosing the time-table (frequency and amount of letters) users can get from you. People will be extremely thankful that you save their brains and inbox from overloading.

Be important with details

Have a look at the name of sender – it’s better to write “Andy, from Horns and Hoofs”. The same concerns about your signature – all impersonal like “Your Company ABC Incorporated” will kill a lot of your efforts. Add some smiles and action verbs. It is also a good tactic to implement a “heart” sentence that will correspond and will be associated with all your message.

Be personal

Everything is simple here – the more a particular customer is with you, the more personalized letter he should receive. Don’t treat everyone as one and faceless mass.

Be in one style

Design of your website and your letters should be the same. People should feel, when they are just reading your letter, as if they are on your pages.

Ask people to share your email

It is easy, but somehow not clear: if you need help – ask for it. If you tell people that you are interested in some more subscribers, it will serve as some kind of remind and they are more likely to remember helping you.

Conclusion: track, analyze and become better

No matter which type of email newsletter best practices you choose, you should keep abreast of your clients reaction and make changes as soon as you see some evaluation in the processes of communication and your website engagement.

What are your best practices?

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