Best free eBook templates for Microsoft Word

Why should I publish an eBook?

eBooks are a great marketing tool that can serve many purposes. First of all, you can give them out to your customers as prizes in giveaways or incentives to sign up for your emails, thus building customer loyalty and expanding your email list. Secondly, you can sell your eBook on Amazon for a reasonable price and both make money and grow your company’s outreach and customer base through this. Lastly, publishing an eBook can be a great step towards establishing your company’s authority and expert status in your field.

When it comes to actually making an eBook from start to finish, the hardest part is often not writing the content itself, but creating the design. In this article we will talk about several great free eBook templates that you can use to quickly finish your book and make it look professional and polished.

HubSpot free eBook templates

HubSpot offers not one, but 5 free templates for an eBook. While these templates are free, you will need to provide some information about your business to HubSpot so they can add to to their email marketing list (if you absolutely hate it you can unsubscribe from the list after getting the template). Once you’ve entered your name, phone number, email and company name you can download beautiful templates for an eBook cover, table of content, title page and more.

Small Biz Trends eBook templates

This website offers only two templates but they are of very high quality and suitable both for formal and more relaxed eBook designs. You can download these templates without entering any personal information, they come in docx format, so you can edit these eBook templates in Word.

Bookwright eBook templates from Blurb

Blurb offers a large variety of templates for eBooks, all of them come in two formats: Bookwright and Bookify templates. You can download Bookify eBook templates for free and use them to create your eBook in Bookify app. Bookwright templates are free to use as well since Blurb’s own Bookwright software is in beta-testing but you may have to start paying for them in the future.

LucidPress templates

You can choose from four free eBook templates available on LucidPress website. The templates can be edited in LucidPress free app, however, you might feel compelled to buy some paid features on the app for a better user experience.

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