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Display advertising

Display advertising – is a form of ads, containing an image and a text with main aim to attract potential customer, and not tomake direct sales. It is also very popular altogether with paid search. Marketers and advertisers use special software to control, publish and estimate the results of the ad campaigns.

What functions performs display advertising:

  • makes the brand more recognizable;
  • attract more traffic to the website;
  • pushes up sales.

Where display ads can be found?

Everyone, who wants to earn from his website agrees the ads to be posted there. One particular ad can be seen for several times on one and the same website, but location may be changed from page to page.

There are three popular locations of an ad on web pages:

  • at the top;
  • to the right;
  • at the bottom.

It also become quite widely used when an ad covers the content of a page or video. They are considered more annoying as they move when you scroll the page. Of course, it is possible to close them, but they distract from necessary information that makes users a bit angry.

What are the forms of display ads?

The most common form here are banners. They have various sizes and can appear almost at any part of the website content: text, video or static one.

Rich media is also used in display advertising. It is not a simple showing of the product or brand, here the user interacts with ad content. One can say, it is something entertaining, but people like being involved.

How to calculate the cost of display ads?

There are 3 variants:

  1. CPA (cost per action);
  2. CPC (cost per click);
  3. CPM (cost per mile).

Each of them has its own pros and cons, experienced marketers will help which strategy would be better to use to specific of your company.

Some points to keep in mind

Daily the number of adblock users is growing exponentially. It is not clear yet while the advertisers are not worried of it, but webmasters tear hair as they now what a big part of audience and money has slipped out of their hands.

For the case above marketers offer to turn to native ads. They can’t be blocked and look natural as the part of the page. There is no clear view about it, as some treat them as dishonest, while others find it more relevant to user’s interests in comparison with traditional advertisements.

The problem of ad fraud is not solved yet. Dramatic losses are caused because of it, however the advertisers have nothing to be afraid in case the are informed and prepared.

Despite a set of problems in online advertising really exist, it is still one of the best places to make your business.

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