Digital display advertising

Digital display advertising

Expression “digital advertising” is on everyone’s lips nowadays, but no so many people really understand what it really is as it often misunderstood as banners, which is half true in fact.

So, let’s get all this straightened out what it is and how your business can benefit from it.

Digital display advertising makes visual broadcasting of your commercial messages using logos, texts, animation effects, photos and other graphics. Effect of the advertising can be significantly increased by implementing special marketing traits attracting potential customers.

What are merits and demerits of display advertising?

What is cool, it is a very flexible type of advertising. There is an enormous amount of forms, styles and combinations to apply.

There are billions of websites nowadays and display advertising can travel so far away. Google is a very helpful assistant here, as your ads can be matched with applications and websites basing on keywords or your own targeting settings.

But the problem is that great usage of display advertising has caused great disregard of them. People are a bit tired of them and often prefer to blind them. Continuous growth of various adblocking programmes users is a sad evidence of it.

How the advertisers know whom and where to target?

Cookies are in wide use today to identify each particular user.Cookies is a very useful assistant that will tell you about the users’ behaviour, whether he performed conversion or not, at which moment he left your website and other options that will help you to change your ads accordingly.

Geotargeting is widely used to get approximate user’s location and offer various amounts of digital advertising.

How can you implement display advertising in your business?
Use visual effect to stimulate. We understand you may wish to show all advantages of your services, but less is better for your advertising not to be overwhelming and, as a result, ignored.

Experiment with your ads. There are various types and options how to make your ads different unlike your rivals. But you should remember to be consistent with your marketing strategy, so that people could recognize your brand instinctively even by design.

Avoid being too intrusive. Respondents admitted that auto-play ads are even more annoying that various pop-ups and become a reason for adblockers downloading.

Be outspoken, tell what you want! Add trumpet-call to your campaign unless you want just tell about your brand to the audience.

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