difference between seo and ppc

Difference between seo and ppc

How often do you search anything in Google? Did you know that daily this search system processes not less than 3,6 search requests. The biggest secret here is that how the system understands that you have a relevant to the request business and shows it? Well, there are two variants: SEO marketing and PPC advertising.

Difference between the approaches

First of all, money is the basement here.

SEO is for free, but it requires time and efforts. Sometimes a lot of them. Here we deal with organic way of ranging the websites.

You can get promotion of your website by blogging, adding keywords to H1, meta tags and headings. Thus, you make Google see your site and show it to those who was searching with the same word combination.

Also you can get backlinks from authoritative websites and work of links inside your website for users have higher level of engagement and convenient navigation. That will also give you some more points.

PPC is quick, almost immediate, but it is paid. There are two types of ads here: paid search results and media advertising.

Benefits of the first idea is that as soon as you start your ad campaign in AdWords – you will see your ad appearing. Generally, there are 2 options available: to be posted in the list of 4 ads in the top or 3 in the bottom.

Second case means that you have visited a certain website, but left it without a conversion. So, it serves as a some kind of remind on any other website for you to come back. You may be surprised, but this way of returning lost purchases is really working.

You will be charged each time your ad was clicked. The problem here is that as soon as you have your money finished, you have your posting closed.

What to choose?

If we talk about opposition of Google AdWords vs SEO, we should mention that PPC is not so likely to bring you high quality traffic. Small businesses can also feel the rate of paid search too high for them. It is better to work with niche market instead.

While after having a lot of SEO activities, Google will see it and will send more traffic to your website.

Actually, the choice money or efforts will be incorrect here. As temporary results with money investment only are not really worth doing so.

We’d better say that everything is good, when being in balance. If your SEO is poor with overwhelming of keywords – you will have to compensate it with paid search, however, the root cause will remain not fixed. If you have some money, you can invest in paid methods, as this couple can do really a lot together. But your background, as your house footing, should be really decent.

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