Top-25 creative ideas to write a blogpost

Creative Content Marketing Ideas

Writing a blog is not so simple as it may seem. The point is not telling people all the ideas that you have, but interest them, provoke discussions and comments. Some experienced writers seem to have no problems with it as they can take something from occasion in the street or accidental talk to a stranger. But even lucky beggars may one day feel exhausted and need inspiration to keep in communication with the audience.

Adsmediabrokers have prepared a list of 25 website content ideas that will help you not to sit in that awkward silence.

  1. Visit forums related to your area. You will know what people wonder most of all and give an answer to those who was exactly thinking about this topic.
  2. Follow your “perfect readers”. The topics they are interested in, they comment or people they follow can be a good idea for you.
  3. Study hashtags. People have found you by hashtags (we suppose, you use them, don’t you?), but by the same manner they can find somebody or something else. Go the same road they do!
  4. Study groups in social media where “your people” hang out and track which problems cause more comments. Talk to your audience, why a particular question is so important for them?
  5. Watch related videos on YouTube. It is a wonderful source for content. Study some trends, best practices and read the comments with questions under the video – you will certainly have what to discuss with your audience.
  6. Read interviews with important people from your field. They have their opinion about something or curious life event – ask whether your readers agree with the ideas.
  7. Offer a collection of latest news from the field and study what was most interesting for people – you can talk about it next time.
  8. Ask people what they want. Launch opinion polls to know what are key problems people are facing at the moment or what worries them most of all.
  9. Attend the conferences and remember the questions people ask to experts. Are you skilled enough to discuss the same problem with your audience?
  10. Study the events from you niche and the agenda in them – can you be a speaker in your “room”?
  11. Study the news and tell people about upcoming tendencies in the field.
  12. Ask Google. Study which endings Goggle offers to you when you type something like “top blogging ideas for”. Even the most awkward can sometimes help you in coping with writer’s block.
  13. Make and discuss experiments. You handle some of them at home or at work, while others are technically or financially impossible – discuss with people why something happens or doesn’t happen this or that way.
  14. Pay attention to best comments on your blog. Think why people like a particular idea.
  15. Study FAQ pages of your competitors or related websites. What is the reason for people to be worried about those notions?
  16. Study glossy magazines like Cosmo, they are full of interesting topics, what is the most interesting or disputable for you?
  17. Share the mistakes you have made once and the conclusions you made form them. People will love this material!
  18. Share the secret of your success. Yes, everybody knows about hard work, but what was the pushing thing: an idea, a talk to a stranger or something else?
  19. Study top books people read or buy. People like talking about films they have watched and will be happy to chat about a good book from their area.
  20. Write your occasional ideas or notes in a little notebook – it will provide you with food for thought later.
  21. Study social profiles of people of influence from your niche to know what they follow, feel interest to or what makes them disagree at all.
  22. Go to photostocks. Sometimes images may say more than words and give you a nice idea.
  23. Study the quotes – thoughts shared by people from previous ages can help you to create a good material, the same as modern ones.
  24. Study section “You may also like” provided by huge companies like CNN or The Times. It is one of the best hints on what people are worried about most of all.
  25. Keep calm and ..meditate. Your brain may be too overwhelmed with all the things to remember and not to forget – spend 15 minutes to create a free space for thinking about something else.

What do you do when feel lack of ideas?

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