How to create a company email newsletter

You might get lost in the process of email newsletter marketing sometimes. To help you successfully move through it we created his brief guide.

Email newsletters are a very common way of promoting your business. They are usually a tool for sharing your newest deals and information with subscribers. They can cover one or plenty topics. Newsletters are different from other types of marketing emails. Although they can sometimes overlap, newsletters should be used to complement other marketing emails to benefit the whole marketing campaign.

What are the advantages of email newsletters?

  • You constantly remind your subscribers about yourself. This helps to turn them into actual clients.
  • They are easy to create
  • Less expensive them other forms of media
  • Quick to deliver
  • It is easy to see your statistics and the amount of returns
  • Your subscribers will be able to see your newsletters from any place, thanks to smartphones

What are the disadvantages of email newsletters?

  • Users regularly delete their emails without reading or only scroll through them
  • People receive tons of email newsletters every day.

As you see advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. Email newsletters are not expensive, but they are an effective and easy way to promote your business.

How do you create a newsletter?

First of all you need to decide on your content and after that this the process will be extremely easy. Some email marketing services will offer you to add graphics, video, animation. Use the drag-and-drop editor and make your email look the way you want it to look. You do not need any programming skills.

How to choose professional email newsletter software?

The first thing that should be there is a mailing list, then an absolute must is a list management. This will allow you to have a database for all your subscribers and allow you to make lists and filter them. Then you need an editor to modify the look of you email. Sometimes you might want to have integration into CRM systems but it is more complicated to perform. Once the email is created use a mail service to check it out.

What should I include in an email newsletter?

You would usually want to put information about your business and company. For example, talk about new releases, awards, sales, important announcements and new information. Make your newsletter interesting for the subscribers. Keep them relevant and up-to-date. Consider using the following types of information:

  • Timed – connect to events that are happening right now. Maybe some seasonal offers or a holiday sale.
  • Useful – little tips, guides, tutorials.
  • Special offers- send emails with your company’s newest deals.
  • Newsworthy- what is so groundbreaking that you might want to share with your subscribers?
  • Personalized content – send emails based on your clients’ recent activities, interests and preferences. Maybe someone would want to buy a phone case for his recently bought phone? Personalized offers are believed to be the most effective.
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