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Adsmediabrokers is the notification which is made for using cookie files and similar technology.

This website works with cookie files and other identical technology to guarantee the most of convenience for the users by the way of giving the necessary information for the customers, memorizing preferences of the marketing and areas of the product, which is helping to get the necessary and real information. During using our web-site, you are claiming your agreement for using cookie files according to the present notification concerning file type. In case of disagreement with using of such type of files, you should set up your browser according to your preferences, and not to use the website

So what is it cookie file and such technologies?

A cookie file is a small file which consists of some letters and numbers. This file is kept on your PC, or the tablet, or cellphone and another devices that are used during surfing the Internet and using web-sites. Cookie files are used by websitse’s owners to maintain its work or to improve its performance and to receive information.

Adsmediabrokers and our providers can use the variety of types of cookie files on our websites:

• “Strictly Necessary” cookie files. These files are needful; these files allow to move throughout the website and use its options. These cookie-files do not identify you as an individual. If you do not want to use such type of files, it can effect on the website’s work or work of its components and interface.

• “Performance” cookie files. These files are needed to understand how the user may interact with the website by the way of giving the information about the areas which were visited by user and the time which user spent on the website. Moreover they show the massages about the errors which occurred during work with website or other problems. It can help to improve the website’s work. Сookie files linked with analytics give us an ability to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaign and to optimize the content of the website for those who are interested in our advertisement. This type of cookie cannot identify you as user. All the information which is collected in these files is anonymus.

• “Functionality” cookie files. These files created for recognizing users that enter to our website for the second and more times. These cookies allow to remember the way you logged in, the time when you logged in and logged out, and all your actions you have done since time you logged in. Whenever you block this type of cookies it will affect the interface and website’s functions and will get limited access to it.

• “Targeting” cookie files. Such files contain the data about actions which have been done since enter in these cookies. They contain data about action, accessing to the website, accessing to the pages and links, and some advertising you chose during serfing the web-pages. The main our goal is to introduce the content which is significant to you.

(Adsmediabrokers and our providers involve a lot of partners which cowork with us on informative platforms and portals, managing data platforms, platforms of market research, which help to work with databases and to process data. As the example, if you view our website’s page about the certain product,you are able to view this advertisement on quiet other webpages you visit. Such information can be shared on other sites due-to improvement of advertising sphere of our host.
So, by which way does this information calls and views?

Adsmediabrokers with our providers use cookies for different goals, such as:

• To make getting the information about your website serfing in much more easier way for us, for you and for third-parties.

• To process your orders.

• To provide an analitical work according you information and your visits of our website.

• To provide advertisement massages and content according to your interests.

• To provide a support for you in getting right information.

• To calculate the number of visitors and their purposes in usage of our website. Such actions provide improvement of the effective site work and to point user’s interests.

Do cookie files have stores on my device and how long?

Time of staying of a cookie files is different. The most of cookies remove after the end of your browsing session. Some of these files don’t get removed after the closing. Such files are called “persistent” or “permanent”. The storage time of persistent files differs for different cookies. There you can usually expect that most cookie advertising files will last no more than a month in online advertising. Our company and others use persistent cookies for various reasons, such as: to determine how often you come home to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising.

How are the cookie files placing on my device and by whom?

Cookie files can be placed on your device by administration of the website Such files called “first-party” cookies. Some of the cookie files can be placed on your device by other operators. Such files are called ‘third- parties’ cookies.

Adsmediabrokers and third-party users use cookies to understand how our service is in use for users and what its interface. With cookies, you can collect and use general and other information (for example, the operating system (the OS), the browser version, and the URL where the error occurred on the page itself, including email or advertising). This technology allows you to calculate the number of users who visit a specific service, at the following link by text or image. In addition, it helps to collect general statistics through the usage of websites for the purpose of conducting analytical research and helps to optimize our websites.

How are the internet advertisement and mobile advertisement used?

Our company, together with other users, including technical partners and service providers, participates in promotional activities that occur by interests or advertisement. Third-party supporters use cookies when performing services for us and other companies; in such cases we do not control access to information of persons. Advertising can be provided according to your actions when searching, responding to one of our ads. Such advertising can be displayed on our website or on third-party sites. Technological partners with whom we cooperate and we can help us in advertising campaigns based on your interests. On this site you can also see third-party advertising on the pages you visit, what actions you do on our website and others.

How do I manage my cookies?

The most amount of web browsers are initially set to automatically accept cookies. You can change the settings that you can block cookies or not. There are different ways to work with cookies. How to fix or change its settings? If you disable the cookies we use, this may affect your Internet experience, while you can not receive personal information on If you use different technologies to view and access your website (for example, a computer, a laptop, a smartphone, a tablet, etc.), you need to make sure that each browser is turned on.


You have options there was no problem.

Please note the following information:

When you turn off your cookie, the program learns how to opt out of advertising. In case of refusal, the frequency of the appearance of advertisements will not be affected, but they are likely to be less appropriate for your preferences.

Do not forget that in case of handling multiple applications of the browser and / or PC, you need to disable the cookie in each of them independently. In case of deleting the cookie, refusing. To choose a heart, delete the banning cookie.

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