How Much Can You Earn Through Linkbucks and Adfly?

Linkbucks and Adfly are similar but at the same time different. The principle is the same – you get paid for the links you post. It’s a low-quality form of CPC.

Both Adfly and Linkbucks rely on a heavy volume to get profits. Adfly links usually don’t generate much income, so if you’re a serious blogger, choose a more high profile network.

How does Adfly and Linkbucks Work?

Linkbucks and Adfly are interstitial ad services. You basically link one website to another, dividing them by an ad page by making the longer link shorter but it has more than just cosmetic functionality.

The ads that are shown on the page are usually believed to be spammy and scammy and are usually pay per view.

The company gets paid for the amount of views their clients’ ads get. And they don’t care about the amount of clicks.

For the client it’s a PPC term. You place a link on your website and get paid every time someone clicks on it. You don’t have to care about the ads that appear on interstitial because they aren’t part of your domain. Overall, Adfly gets paid more than you do.

Keep in mind that if the user browsing your site has an ad blocker, it will stop him from seeing any of your interstitial ads. They will only see a narrow ad at the top. They can click on it but Adfly won’t count it because no view happened and you won’t get paid.

You can for sure trust these services with your personal information and be sure you will get paid.

The trivial way to get a monetized link is to take a URL, feed it into the tool, get a short link and use it. Everything else is not your responsibility. The minimum payment is just $5 for Adfly and you can get paid by PayPal, Payoneer or Payza.

The cons of using Adfly and Linkbucks

  1. Interstitials are considered annoying. They get in the way of users experience and are obtrusive.
  2. It’s hard to get the exact statistics on them. Some clicks and views won’t be counted in some cases.
  3. They are annoying and sometimes lead nowhere, which is again very annoying.
  4. They don’t really pay you much – 0.20 cents at most per click. You really need to have a huge amount of traffic is order to get paid. And remember, you need to earn $5 before you can get your money.

You should mostly be concerned with the amount of clicks interstitials get on your website. The more clicks – the more money you get. You will not be getting lots of money using Linkbucks or Adfly. To increase your profits – increase the number of links posted, make them attractive, get more unique visitors, and increase a volume of visitors. You will not have much of control over targeting, so it’s all about organic growth. You need to increase the amount of unique visits on your website.

The more popular the site the higher the probability they will have Adfly links as their high traffic is what makes them profitable. You should work on increasing your traffic to start earning real money.

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