Easy instructions for buying a sponsored post on Instagram

Have you decided to improve your reach and get new followers by buying a few sponsored posts on Instagram? With the help of our guide your ads will be ready to go in just a few minutes. As you may know already, Instagram was bought by Facebook a few years ago, so the entire process of buying ads on Instagram is actually done on Facebook. First, you will need to create a profile for your business on Facebook Manager. Once you’ve filled out the information on the account, go to Business Settings and connect your Instagram account to that business page by entering it in the Claim New Instagram Account field.

What is your Instagram ad objective and target?

The answer to the question above may not be obvious if you’re new to social media advertising but you need to have a clear idea of your marketing campaign objective and target for the next step. The objective is basically the goal of your ad – are you aiming to get people to buy your product, know who you are or simply follow your account? As for targeting, the main question is what audience do you want to target with your ad? What’s their age, gender, location, habits, values, etc.? The next step is to set up budget criteria for your ad campaign – be careful with this step and set a budget you can afford to spend.

Choose an awesome picture for your ad

Instagram is all about beautiful pictures and perfect lifestyles, so whatever you’re promoting, the photo or video you’re using needs to be flawless and polished. Start off by selecting a format: a carousel is great for showing off several products, a video is perfect for conveying the atmosphere, the feeling associated with your brand, and a simple photo is great for virtually any purpose. You also want to make sure that the photo has high resolution, as Instagram makes the quality of images worse once you upload them. Adding a call-to-action button can significantly increase conversion and improve your ad’s success, so make sure you add it to your ad. Finally, write an inspired caption and preview your ad.

Final steps

If your ad looks great in the preview mode, you can go ahead and post it or you can further modify some parameters. For instance, the ad will be posted on both Facebook and Instagram by default if you don’t remove all platform but Instagram from the list of places where the ad will be posted.

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