4 best work from home jobs

More and more people are quitting their jobs to find part time work online. opAfter all, who doesn’t want to have more time for themselves, friends and family? Maybe you want to travel the world or dedicate more time to your children or focus more on your hobbies. All of this can be achieved when you quit your day job and start working from home online. But what online jobs are there? The two most common options you hear about are a freelancer and a blogger. However, if you’re not into those, there are plenty more options. Check out our list of the best internet jobs below.

Work from home by dropshipping

These days opening an online store is easier than ever before. You don’t actually need to produce or buy products from manufacturers, you can utilize the concept of dropshipping. Here is how it works: you create or purchase an online store and get manufacturers or distributors of goods to agree to sell products at your online store. Once someone places an order for an item you simply forward that order to the manufacturer and they fulfill it, while you get to keep a part of the price the customer paid for the product.

Work as an online marketing expert

Digital marketing is a relatively new and constantly changing field. With more and more companies going online to sell their products and simply increase their online presence, digital marketing specialists are needed more than ever, yet, there’s a big shortage of these professionals. The best thing is that it’s easy to learn yourself, you don’t need a university diploma or special training. And you can work from home as a marketing freelancer.

Become a coach and work online

Now is the best time to become a coach, especially of you have something unique to offer. There are tons of areas where coaches make lots of money sharing their knowledge part-time: nutrition, exercise, personal development, business, psychology and more. Whatever the are the coach is supposed to help the student to define their goals, make a step-by-step plan and achieve those goals.

Edit video, audio and photos from home

With the amount of content produced and uploaded online every day increasing exponentially every year there’s a greater than ever demand for photo, video and audio editors. There are lots of online courses you can use to become pretty good at it and start making money pretty much right away.

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