best video advertising formats

Best video advertising formats

Nowadays people are quite negative about ads and the number of adblocking software is a sad evidence of it. However, there is one type of it people are more loyal and even like them – they are video ads. Successful videos are often shared, searched on Youtube and sent to relatives.

A video ad is applicable on all types of the devices, however mobile audience is of greater preference. Thus, right choice of video format depends on type of the app you have and relevant user’s experience. Our small article is specially for those who got lost a little bit in all that stuff and wants to have a clear picture.

Best video format

Native ads

The same as desktop variant they adapt to the content of the website and have higher CTR level due to non-intrusive nature. People treat them as part of the content and are more loyal in this case as don’t fee; distracted.

Reward ads

It is a prominent representative of game apps with freemium content. The best place for insertion is between the levels and offer to a user extra tool, to complete a level from paid section for watching your ad.

In-stream videos

They can be inserted before (pre-rolls), during watching a video (mid-rolls) and after it (post-rolls). Generally, they are more memorable and highly functional. The only precaution here is about midrolls, as people get really annoyed being distracted from the content they study.


They are very popular in mobile video advertising as they are not very intrusive, easy to remember and appear full screen for some seconds when the content in the app is changed or a user is shifting to another level in the game.

Banner videos

As it can be guessed from the title, they are played in banner and determined by their size. It is generally 160 × 600, 300 × 250 or 728 × 90. They are popular due to simple realization, better visibility and a good way to enhance your campaign.

There are also more video ads you may use in the apps. You may sort them one by one to choose the best variant. Good option here is that you are not limited by one type only, you can use several variants to gain maximum

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