11 best traffic estimators you can use

First of all, what is traffic? Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received data by a website. Sometimes you might want/need to understand what is your competitors’ website traffic. That is when traffic estimators will come in handy. You can also use them to define a certain number goals for your own website.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking allows you to see organic and paid search results, analyze traffic, keywords, rankings distribution, and ad history. It allows you to analyze traffic at the keyword level, see ads and learn your competitors’ budgets.


SimilarWeb is the most used free website traffic estimator in the world. Launch SimilarWeb and type in the website URL. It shows you all the traffic statistics, including average time spent by a visitor on the website, referrals, social influence and much more.


Alexa allows you to know website traffic statistics such as unique visitors per month, bounce rate, and average on-page time for any site for free. It also shows you the most effective keywords of the website.


SEMrush gives you accurate stats on any website, including the nearest level of visitor count. It also identifies the most effective keywords lists. SEMrush can work with Google making it even more effective.

Google AdWords Display Planner

Google AdWords Display Planner is a combination of Contextual Targeting Tool, Google Ad Planner, and Placement Tool to help you estimate the website traffic for free. To use Google Display Planner enter the website URL in the “Get ideas and estimates” and click the “Get ad group ideas.”


Quantcast is a very popular web traffic estimators used by webmasters and bloggers. It is a free tool to measure audience, demographics and the number of unique daily and monthly visitors to a website. However, it only works if that website has a decent volume of traffic.

Google Insights

Google Insights is free and effective website traffic estimator. It is mostly used to figure out the best key phrases and groups of key phrases that are most useful and add them to your website.


Ahrefs.com lets you get the most up-to-date information about website traffic. It is more a link checker tool than a web traffic estimator, showing you the number of recently gained or lost new links, organic traffic and a ranking database of about 45 million keywords. You will need to pay a subscription fee to use it.


VisitorsDetective will estimate any websites traffic for free. You have to launch this program and insert it into desired website URL and it will show you the daily visitors count, breakup by country, and many more. It is very accurate and easy to interpret.


StatShow uses mathematical and statistical methods to offer you the most accurate information about website traffic. It is simple and free. StatShow offers a wide range of information such as safety analysis, market worth, site owner and many more.

Check Website’s Advertising Page

Many websites put their traffic estimators on a public access. You can just look them, however they are not always published and aren’t always relevant.

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