3 best free traffic exchange websites

What is traffic exchange?

Traffic exchange services have been getting more popular in the recent years. Essentially, when you use a traffic exchange website you can exchange traffic from your own website to traffic on other websites for free. You can either choose to browse those other websites yourself to get traffic for your website or you can send some people from your own website to other websites and get other traffic in return. Traffic exchange is based on credits – one user who browses a website for 30 seconds can equal to one credit, for example. You can also exchange these credits for advertising and other services. Plus, traffic exchange sites often have affiliate programs in place so if you refer someone to the service, you will earn additional credits for that person’s exchanged traffic. Here are 3 best traffic exchange websites:

  1. EasyHits4u – the best manual traffic exchange website

This service is the most widely used traffic exchange site with more than 1 million active users exchanging traffic on the platform. With EasyHits4u every visitor has to stay on the website for just 15 seconds and the exchange ratio is 1:1 meaning you get one visitor to your website for every visitor you send (or you can browse the website yourself). The website also offers a paid service for those who don’t have time to view websites, so you can simply purchase traffic for your website. The platform also offers geographical targeting, tracking, statistics and more for a smooth user experience.

  1. Hitleap

Hitleap is a very easy to use and simple website that offers standard traffic exchange services. This platform has terrific customer support and it also allows you to set the traffic quality you require. Geo targeting and source of traffic can also be adjusted according to your needs but the exchange ratio on this website is 0.7, meaning that if you visit 10 websites you will get 7 visitors to your site.

  1. 10KHits – the best free traffic exchange website

This platform is pretty much the best free traffic exchange service out there. The site offers a simple, intuitive dashboard and lots of room for customization. For instance, you can choose the type of traffic you want your website to receive depending on the source: organic, anonymous, social or custom. This website is the favorite tool of webmasters, as it allows you to hide where the traffic is coming from, you can easily make it look like it’s coming from Google or Yahoo and not from 10KHits. This platform also offers round-the-clock customer support and thousands of useful articles on SEO, marketing, analytics and more – all of that for free.

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